Face-to-face: Kiel University starts new academic year

Welcome event for new students of the winter semester 2021/2022


It was quite exciting for all those involved when the doors to Kiel University’s auditorium, the Audimax, opened today (Monday 18 October 2021). After three semesters of almost exclusively digital teaching, Kiel University (CAU) welcomes its new students for their first face-to-face lectures. Wearing face masks and carrying proof that they are vaccinated, recovered or tested (geimpft, genesen, gestestet – the 3G rule), as well as folding chairs, students murmured excitedly in the corridors and at a small food court outside the doors. 
4,742 new students have registered so far for the winter semester 2021/22 at the CAU. Around 3,500 of them are starting university for the first time.
“I am delighted to be here to welcome you in person on your first day at our university! Together with the university's faculties, departments and students, we have done our best to make starting university as easy as possible for you despite the continuing coronavirus restrictions,” said CAU President Professor Simone Fulda in her welcome address. “We will be operating face-to-face in this new semester – this means you will be able to experience the CAU campus as a place where you can meet up, learn together and socialise.”
Mayor of Kiel Ulf Kämpfer also welcomed the new students: “What awaits you is probably the most important, most intensive and most exciting time of your life. And Kiel is exactly the right place to spend this time. I would be especially delighted if you help make Kiel.Sailing.City even more innovative, sustainable and climate-friendly than it already is. We need good ideas for the future – and I am certain that you have lots of these.” 

3G rule for face-to-face lectures

Students must be vaccinated, recovered or tested (3G) in order to return to seminar rooms and lecture theatres. By following this rule, classrooms can be filled to capacity. “Due to the size and diversity of our university, we require lots of detailed rules to organise face-to-face learning and 3G checks – a challenge that we are, however, happy to take on. We will achieve this through a combination of simplified digital certificates and admission checks – also supported by external personnel,” added CAU Chancellor Claudia Ricarda Meyer, who is also head of the university’s corona crisis management team. “We will be offering a vaccination station on campus from 19 to 21 October and on 11 November for all those who would like to be vaccinated.”

Kiel University, City of Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein: “A warm welcome”

The traditional welcome by the deans of the faculties was hosted by Professor Markus Hundt, Vice-President for studying & teaching, continuing professional development at the CAU. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister President Daniel Günther delivered his welcome address by video message. Professor Nele Matz-Lück, Vice-President for international affairs, young researchers, equality and diversity welcomed the new students in the afternoon. City Councillor Gerwin Stöcken wished the students a warm welcome on behalf of the City Council. A poetry slam by Selina Seemann formed an amusing conclusion to the official part of the day.

Afterwards, the new students were able to approach and obtain advice from lots of university facilities like the Central Academic Advisors, the University Library and the Sports Centre at a digital fair. The City of Kiel and Kieler Theater provided information on what the city has to offer. There were also presentations by many university groups representing all sorts of subjects ranging from politics and religion to role play.

More impressions of the event

Lecture hall with audience
Simone Fulda speaking.
People queuing in front of Audimax.
Half-occupied lecture hall, people wearing masks.
Bar chart with two bars on student numbers in the summer and winter semesters.... Headline: "Enrolments".
Graphic representation of Schleswig-Holstein with figures. Headline "Origin of students by district".
Graphical representation of Germany map with figures, heading "Origin of students by federal state".
Bar chart with five bars. Headline: "Subjects with the most 1st semesters".
Coloured bar chart with the heading "Subjects with the most students". In descending order: German, Law, History, Medicine, Philosophy.
Three pie charts with the heading "Faculties with the most students*", "*only 1st subject".
Round diagram with two circles with the heading "Lehramtsstudium". Outer circle "Total 5098", inner circle "of which 902 1st semester".
Graphic showing a map of the continents
Bar chart across with the heading "Age structure of students".

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