300 days to go to the anniversary of Kiel University

Encourage young talents. Kiel University is a breeding ground for talent in the North. Here, the curiosity of young scientists is awakened. Dedicated and responsible scientists prepare them for the future. In the picture: The pupils Tim-Ole (left) and Tim-Carlo (right) explore, together with student Anna-Sophie Kaden (sociology and education) and Professor Ulrich Lüning (Organic Chemistry), the world of science.
Credit: Uwe Reicherter, Copyright: Kiel University

Anyone, who is planning a special birthday, knows: There is plenty to do. Who shall I invite? How do I entertain my guests? Who can help? Who is involved? And most importantly: What does it cost? When planning the 350th anniversary of Kiel University, which will take place next year, the preparations do not look different. "We only think in a larger scale", explains project leader Dr. Boris Pawlowski. Together with Anne Waller he is ringing at many doors for some months now, asking for support and participation. "So far, many have opened their doors to us and many exciting projects are developed together with supporters within and outside the university", says Pawlowski, who does not want to reveal any details for now.

During the year 2014, the schedule and the plan of events will gradually grow on the anniversary website www.uni-kiel.de/cau350/en. Anyone, who wishes to promote the anniversary ideologically or financially, is welcome! In addition, all who feel connected to Kiel University, are invited to submit their stories about striking experiences, impulses given or received, favourite locations, times or people – whether personal or social highlights. The best stories within the campaign “350+ marks” will be published every day starting January 2015.

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Dr. Boris Pawlowski

Project manager "University Jubilee"

Phone: +49 (0)431 880-3004

Email: cau350@uni-kiel.de

Anne Waller

Project manager "University Jubilee"

Phone: +49 (0)431 880-5214

Email: cau350@uni-kiel.de