350 years Kiel University: Tasty anniversary

After numerous sample tastings and recipe ideas, the right mix was finally found: As of Monday, 1st September, the Steigenberger Conti-Hansa and the InterCity Hotel in Kiel are presenting their guests with special purple and white culinary delicacies, in honour of the 350th anniversary of Kiel University in 2015. In dedication to this jubilee, the two new gastronomic partners have created a starter and three cocktails in the house colours of the university - purple and white.

During the presentation, Lutz Kipp, President of Kiel University, stressed the importance of valuable partnerships with bodies of the local economy beyond the festivities. “Both hotels accommodate guests who visit the city as well as the university. Thanks to the support from both Steigenberger and InterCity Hotel, the guests can now enjoy Kiel University in a completely new way. An empty stomach does neither learn nor teach well.”

From today onwards, “Kiel University Lighthouse” can be found on Evelyn Wirth’s menu, director of Steigenberger Conti-Hansa, Schlossgarten. The dish combines layers of shrimps from the North Sea, cherry herring and steamed kohlrabi, bedded on a glazed berry-sauce. Fresh baguette is served along side it. ”The colours, were the biggest challenge”, Wirth describes the perfect recipe. Still, for her and her colleague Ulrike Fröhlich, director of the InterCity Hotel Kiel, it was beyond question to support Kiel University during its jubilee. They both commented: “The University has a major influence on Kiel’s society as well as the city’s economy. Thus, we are happy to support the festivities, bring the university into our hotels and show the close partnership between us.”

“Purple Rain“, “CAU Violet Dream” and “Lila Wolke“ (Purple Cloud) are the cocktails offered at the InterCity Hotel. They offer a purple taste experience for every palate: “Purple Rain” as a powerful, fruity and tangy cocktail; “CAU Violet Dream” with its floral fresh appearance together and “Lila Wolke”, a non-alcoholic reminder of Kiel University.