350 years of Kiel University: science goes Sophienhof

Dr. Boris Pawlowski (project manager jubilee), Sophie Dukat (centre manager Sophienhof) and Anne Waller (project manager jubilee) take Kiel University into the shopping centre. Photo/Copyright: Jürgen Haacks, CAU

Heads up shoppers! Kiel University will be exhibiting in the local shopping centre Sophienhof from April 15 to 18. In celebration of its 350th birthday CAU will show snippets of its history and latest research. Visitors can take a look over real scientists’ shoulders, while they are doing research on nano materials. Nutrition is another topic of the diverse exhibitions. Among other things an artificial cow can be milked. People can also visit the presentations of the Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen and the Zoological Museum of Kiel University. Many shops offer special rates for CAU-students during opening times of the exhibitions. Shoes, haircuts, meals and many other things are available at lower prices then.

This event takes place within the 350th anniversary of Kiel University, which will be celebrated throughout the whole year of 2015. From sports events, concerts, lecture series and exhibitions to conferences and research projects: With over 2000 individual events in its calendar the state university opens itself and invites everyone to celebrate its big anniversary together. For more information, visit www.uni-kiel.de/cau350/en.