350 years university – 66 years Experimental Farm Lindhof

Limousin cattle at Lindhof in one of their grazing experiments
Photo: R. Loges

Lindhof is an organic experimental farm, part of the Institute of Crop Science and Plant Breeding at Kiel University. On Sunday, 5 July, interested guests are invited to an open day. This year's key area of focus is research projects on the topic of "Agriculture and Climate Change". Among other things, emission measurements from agricultural land of gases that are relevant to climate change will be shown, as well as procedures to track root growth of agricultural crops. From 10am to 4pm, visitors can learn about the special characteristics of organic farming on guided tours. They can see the free range pigs at Lindhof, as well as the presentation of the new research project "Eco-efficient pasture milk production". In addition, the programme includes tours of the fields and other interdisciplinary research projects. These focus on such things as growing potatoes, corn, alternate crops, various clover species and wild herbs. At 11am there will be a "meadow church service" by the local church community. The festival will also have activities for old and young alike – including, for example, a farm rally, horse and cart rides, a roller track, milking competitions on a model cow, a bouncy castle and games. Food and drink will also be supplied – there will be more than seven organic delicacies: steaks and sausages off the barbecue, beer, wine and cold drinks, coffee and cakes, fresh milk and milkshakes.

Key facts:

Farm festival at Lindhof; organiser: Institute of Crop Science and Plant Breeding; Grass and Forage Science / Organic Agriculture

Date: 05.07.2015

Time: 10am to 4pm

Place: Versuchsgut Lindhof, Bäderstraße 31, 24214 Lindhöft


Sabine Mues, Experimental Farm Lindhof

phone: +49 (0)4346 4326

email: lindhof@email.uni-kiel.de

Dr Ralf Loges

Institute of Crop Science and Plant Breeding

- Grass and Forage Science / Organic Agriculture -

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email: rloges@email.uni-kiel.de