Burst of water mains at Leibnizstraße: Cancellation of lectures

Due to a burst of the water mains, water supply will be shut down in sector 3 of the university campus as a whole starting at 1 p.m today, May 12. All institutes and facilities in Leibnizstraße and at the Botanical Garden will be affected (see map), including:

Kiel University Library (will close from 2 p.m. at latest)

University Canteen I / Mensa I (closed from 1 p.m.)

University Sports Centre (Sportforum closed from 1 p.m.)

Department of Biology

Centre Molecular Biosciences (ZMB),

Department of Physics

Buildings Leibnizstraße 1 and 3

Faculty Buildings, Leibnizstraße 4 bis 10

Botanical Garden

The utility company Stadtwerke Kiel are working on a solution. At the moment, it is not possible to predict, how long water-supply will be shut down. For updated information on the situation, please check www.uni-kiel.de/intranet and www.uni-kiel.de/en.

During the shutdown of the fresh water supply there will be no water for firefighting available. All courses and lectures after 1 p.m. are cancelled. Employees in these areas are exempted from their work obligations. There is no compulsory attendance for courses and lectures in the mentioned areas.

All lectures and events at these buildings are hereby cancelled.

The employees affected by this are exempted from their work obligations on Mai 12, as from 1 p.m. This means that any missed working hours do not have to be compensated. There are no special regulations for employees with disabilities.

If students miss courses in the buildings affected by this regulation, these absences will not be regarded as unauthorized. Courses or exams scheduled in the affected buildings are prohibited during this period of closure and will not be held, even if staff and students both agree on it.

Emergency services will be maintained. Anyone staying in the above mentioned university buildings (except for emergency staff) will do so at their own risk and without insurance cover in the event of an accident.