Closure of "Anger-Bauten" and nearby parking areas on March 31, 2015

Due to the sustaining and very critical weather forecast, the University Board of Kiel University (CAU) has decided to suspend work and teaching at the “Anger-Bauten” (Ludewig-Meyn-Straße 2 - 16 and Hermann-Rodewald-Straße 5 - 9) and on the nearby parking areas as from 5 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31 ). All lectures and events at these buildings are hereby cancelled. The other buildings and spaces at Kiel University remain open as usual.

The employees affected by this are exempt from their work obligations on March 31, as from 5 a.m. and are asked to leave the campus. This means that any missed working hours tomorrow do not have to be compensated. Please do not hand in any time or attendance sheets. The correction of the time accounts will be done centrally starting next week. Employees of faculties and central units with variable working hours are asked to use the UW (“Unwetter”) option on the time registration terminals, while employees of the central administration are asked to contact Stephanie Mahrt for time correction. There are no special regulations for employees with disabilities.

If students miss courses in the buildings affected by this regulation, these absences will not be regarded as unauthorized. Institutes will try to announce changes to rooms or alternative dates on time. Students are also asked to actively keep themselves informed and to catch up on any missed lecture contents by themselves. Courses or exams scheduled in the affected buildings are prohibited during this period of closure and will not be held even if staff and students both agree on it. Late arrivals to courses or exams on account of room changes will be accepted to a certain extent.

Emergency services will be maintained. Additional information will be given to the relevant heads of departments. Anyone staying in university buildings (except for emergency staff) will do so at their own risk and without insurance cover in the event of an accident.

An announcement will be posted on the university homepage ( to inform you when the closure has been lifted – at the latest by Saturday at 4 pm, as well as via Twitter (@kieluni). Please keep yourself informed.