German March for Science groups gathered at Kiel University

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Last week representatives of the German March for Science groups from twelve cities met in Kiel to discuss plans, how to continue the March for Science in Germany.

In April 2017 and 2018 all over the world people gathered at demonstrations and other events showing their support for the freedom of science – the March for Science. In Germany many cities took part, among them Kiel. At the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (CAU) a light show at the main university building was organized that was devoted to the theme „Research, no fake news“ and attracted high interest. On July 19 and 20 more than 30 representatives of the German March for Science groups from 12 cities came to Kiel on an invitation of physics professor Michael Bonitz to exchange views, learn about successful formats and ideas and to plan future activities. The guests were welcomed by CAU vice president Professor Anja Pistor-Hatam who spoke about the manifold activities that are being organized at CAU Kiel to enhance the exchange between scientists and society. „Kiel University strongly supported the March for Science and continues to do so. Wir are excited, that in Germany so many enthusiasts like you bring these ideas forward because this is of high importance for our society. We appreciate that you took on the long journey to Kiel“.

The main result of the meeting in Kiel is the unanimous decision to continue the activities of the March for Science in Germany in a coordinated way. In 2019 again a big event will be organized in many German cities. The participants of the meeting also clarified their positions within the German society and the international context: they view themselves as citizens who value and support science. They are independent of science institutions, political organizations and economical influences and thereby are free from conflicts of interest. Their goal is, to inform the public openly and in detail about science, its methods and also about restrictions of scientific freedom. „This is the best approach to strengthen the trust of the people in science. The public lecture series ‚Science and ‚alternative facts‘“ in Kiel is a successful example. In the future we will try to reach out in particular to young people and enhance the collaboration with schools“, announces Tanja Gabriele Baudson, head of March for Science e.V., – the organization that coordinates the activities in Germany. Furthermore, March for Science Germany will continue to fight attacs on science and actively reject „alternative facts“ and will also have a critical view on the German science system. „We continue to be a part of the international movement, but we primarily address problems that science in Germany faces.“, Baudson continues. „We are very grateful to Kiel University for their remarkable support of our activities and of this meeting.“


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