Changes in the Hygiene Conceptual Framework as of February 14

Dear members of the University,

Numerous restrictions had to be carried out at the CAU in December and most recently in January, due to the pandemic developments and the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. The current course of infection rates makes it possible to relax some of these regulations again. The University Board has now made some changes to the CAU’s Hygiene Conceptual Framework. These will apply as from Monday 14.02.2022 and we would like to inform you of the changes below.

The regulations for examinations remain unchanged for the current winter semester. This means that the second examination period will take place in the same way as the currently ongoing first examination period for the winter semester. We are assuming at the moment that the summer semester will be mainly in attendance, but specific information about this will be announced soon.

There are also no changes to the rules for working from home or the obligation to provide proof of 3G at the workplace, which are taken from the Protection against Infection Act and initially apply until 19 March 2022.

As usual, you can find further information on the CAU’s corona website.

There you can also find an overview of the currently applicable state regulations, such as regarding quarantine or recommended action if you become infected or have contact with an infected person.

I hope you all make it safely through this turbulent phase of the pandemic and stay healthy!

With best regards,
Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor