Jubilee bus up and running

Credit: Jürgen Haacks, CAU

Together with its jubilee partners Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (KVG) and Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH (Ströer), Kiel University (CAU) introduced a jubilee bus onto the streets of Kiel today (Friday, 31 October). The 18-metre long articulated bus will be travelling on the KVG’s scheduled routes from now on and will make people aware of Kiel University's 350th anniversary in 2015.

When unveiling the mobile jubilee messenger, the President of the CAU, Professor Lutz Kipp, thanked both partners expressly for their particularly visible support for the University’s celebratory year: “We want to reach everyone in the region with what we have to offer! This is primarily achieved with partnerships and collaboration such as this one.” In addition, Kiel University has committed itself to a climate protection concept. “This is why it is very close to our hearts that the approximately 28,000 CAU members get to their study or research location in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible, such as by using public transport”, emphasised Kipp.

“The KVG had no doubts about supporting our university in its major jubilee year. Together we can make a mobile symbol for our state university!”, says Andreas Schulz, General Manager of KVG.

“As a partner we are supporting Kiel University with what we do well: creating awareness. The jubilee bus will help to make a large number of people aware of Kiel University and its 350th anniversary. As a result, we will create public perception of Kiel as a university location and the wide range of activities taking place during the jubilee year”, states Iris Petersen, Branch Manager of Ströer in Kiel.

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