Kiel University and Kieler Brauerei say: "Cheers Kiel University!"

Brewer Bastian Ullrich, brewery manager Steffan Wendefeuer, university president Lutz Kipp and jubilee manager Anne Waller.
Photo: Sebastian Maas

With their "Kiel University Beer" Kiel University and Kieler Brauerei have entered into a tasty project partnership for the university's 350th anniversary. On Wednesday 14 January, University President Professor Lutz Kipp and Operations Manager of Kieler Brauerei, Steffan Wendefeuer, together with Anne Waller, Project Leader of the University Jubilee, tried out the first batch of the new beer, which goes on general sale on 29 January. University President Professor Lutz Kipp is delighted with the partnership: "In Kieler Brauerei we have gained a most hospitable partner. I would like to thank it very much for its delicious support for our year of celebrations!"

The master brewer of Kieler Brauerei, Bastian Ulrich, is very familiar with the brewing process and the taste of the beer: "Our Christian-Albrechts beer is made using a bottom fermentation brewing process and is unfiltered. It is very drinkable and has a mild, malty taste with a well-balanced hoppiness to it." The brewery's Operations Manager Steffan Wendefeuer will be launching the beer on the market at the end of January: "Christian-Albrechts beer will be available for sale from Kieler Brauerei from 29 January. We will provide it on tap in the usual quantities and in 10 and 20 litre kegs for self-tapping." The beer will also be sold by external suppliers in 0.5 to 1 litre bottles (without pre-ordering) and 2 litre and 5 litre bottles (with pre-ordering), said Mr Wendefeuer. One 0.5 litre bottle will cost EUR 2.20 at Kieler Brauerei, with a EUR 3 deposit.

Before Christian-Albrechts beer goes on sale officially, it can be tasted by visitors to the Jubileee Fair in the University auditorium (Audimax) on Wednesday 28 January. There, from 2pm until 6pm, Kiel University's institutes and departments will be presenting their jubilee projects and events to the public, offering insight into the varied programme for the university's 350th anniversary year.

Media contact:

Steffan Wendefeuer

Operations Manager at Kieler Brauerei

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Anne Waller

Project Leaders for Kiel University's Jubilee

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