Looking for a Christian Albrecht and a Christine

Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf, Christian Albrecht
Credit: Kiel University

In 1665, the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf, Christian Albrecht, founded the state university which carries his name. At this time, just a few years after the Thirty Years' War, people considered peace to be the most valuable thing. And so the inscription "Pax Optima Rerum" received a firm position in the crest of Kiel University (CAU). In the centre of the crest, a female figure holding a palm branch and cornucopia symbolises peace. She is affectionately known as "Christine", after her Alma Mater. For its 350th anniversary, Kiel University would like to revive its founding figures, Christian Albrecht and Christine. Dressed in historical garments, these two are to accompany the central jubilee events in 2015. Together, the CAU and Theater Kiel are now calling all talented men and women to qualify as Christian Albrecht and Christine at a casting event. Participants must be able to speak German fluently, so applications may only be made in German. All information can be found at www.uni-kiel.de/casting [in German].