Severe weather warning for December 5

Dear Colleagues,

dear Students,

the latest weather forecast announces a heavy storm or hurricane for tomorrow, December 5, 2013.

This poses the risk of uprooted trees, flying debris or damage to buildings and, as a result, of personal injury. Therefore, the University Board leaves it up to all members of Kiel University (CAU), employees and students, to commence their work or to take part in courses. For students, the compulsory attendance for taking part in courses is cancelled. The absence in examinations shall be excused. Employees can take compensatory time or vacation. Please do inform your superiors, if possible.

Furthermore, I ask you all to inform yourself tomorrow (Thursday) morning by 8 a.m. via, whether further measures (e.g. a general closure of the university) are taken. We will possibly inform you all via email as well.

I cordially ask for your understanding that we need to make these arrangements, according to the information currently available and due to security reasons.

Sincerely yours

Frank Eisoldt

Chancellor of Kiel University