TEDxKielUniversity conference on 12 November: Color Your Mind!

Students and doctoral candidates at Kiel University have once again managed to obtain the sought-after licence for a conference in the form of the internationally-renowned TEDx. On 12 November the now third edition of the English-language conference will take place in the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel under the motto "Color Your Mind". The organisational team behind the scenes of the event anticipates outstanding ideas from the fields of science, technology and culture, through to individual topics by up to ten speakers. Those interested in speaking at the event can apply for one of the exclusive positions as of now, up to and including 4 June. Successful applicants will receive individual coaching to prepare their TEDx talks. The only thing that candidates need to bring with them is ‘ideas worth spreading’ - completely in the spirit of TED.

Further information about the third TEDxKielUniversity conference and how to register can be found at www.tedxkieluniversity.com.


Ms. Annum Malik

TEDxKielUniversity 2017

Tel.: 0157/808 709 16



About TEDx, x=independently organised TED event

TEDx is a programme of local, independently organised events devoted to ideas worth spreading, which brings people together to exchange experiences in a TED-like event. At a TEDx event, recordings of TED talks and speakers are brought together to inspire discussions and relations within a small group. These local, independently organised events are labelled TEDx, where the x stands for an independently organised TED event. The TED conference offers a guideline for the TEDx programme, but the individual TEDx events are independently organised (however, they are subject to certain rules and regulations).

About TED

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) by current, leading thinkers and doers. Many of these talks, which are given at the annual TED conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, are freely available on TED.com. Previous TED speakers include Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Sal Khan and Daniel Kahneman.

The public and free TED initiatives for spreading ideas include TED.com, where new recordings of TED talks are published daily; the "Open Translation Project“ (www.ted.com/pages/287), within which the subtitles and interactive transcripts and translations are provided by thousands of volunteers worldwide; the education initiative TED-Ed (ed.ted.com); the annual TED Prize (www.tedprize.org), which is awarded annually to an individual with a 'wish' to spark global change; TEDx (www.ted.com/tedx), via which thousands of individuals or groups are supported worldwide in creating a TED-like event in their own local community; and the TED Fellows program (www.ted.com/fellows), in which trailblazers are selected worldwide to further advance the influence of their extraordinary projects and activities.

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