White night turns purple in 2015

Member of the management of „Die Holtenauer e.V.“, Marten Freund, Kiel's mayor Peter Todeskino and Kiel University's president Professor Lutz Kipp look forward to the purple night on August 7th 2015.

On Friday, August 1st, numerous people in white took a seat at the fondly decorated tables in the Holtenauer Straße. Friends and strangers enjoyed the second white night in Kiel together. After only one year the event is already a crowd puller. Amidst all the white, one table in purple stood out. Here, close to the Schauenburgerstraße, members of the “Die Holtenauer e.V.” and Kiel University as well as Kiel’s mayor Peter Todeskino were seated. Jointly they announced a special cooperation that takes place in the anniversary year of the university. In 2015 the Holtenauer Straße celebrates a night in white and purple to honor the 350th birthday of Kiel University. “On Friday, August 7th, all the guests are invited to show up in the colours of the university, which are purple and white. Thereby they can show their solidarity with Kiel University just as we do as good neighbors”, explains the chairman of the “Die Holtenauer e.V.”, Marten Freund.

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