University board and Management

The University Board

The University Board heads the university in accordance with the Higher Education Act (HSG). The University Boards consists of the President, up to three other elected Vice-Presidents and the Chancellor. The Central Administration supports the University Board in carrying out its tasks. 

Members of the University Board

group picture
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

from left: Claudia Ricarda Meyer (Chancellor), Eckhard Quandt (Vice-President), Simone Fulda (President), Ralph Schneider (Vice-President), Markus Hundt (Vice-President).

Management of the University Board

The Management of the University Board organises the University Board’s and the university’s central committee’s schedules and processes. It is also responsible for the Legal Affairs department and the Data Protection Officer, the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship programme as well as internal matters and appointments for the Central Administration.