Visualisation of the new building for Geosciences.
Graphic: Nickl & Partner

The new Geosciences building with a Geotechnikum

The urban development objective of the new Institute of Geosciences building at Kiel University is to generate an independent, distinctive building that can depict the extensive spatial programme and blend in with the existing campus structure. The shape develops as a result of complex requirements for future use and takes both the limited plot size as well as the urban development objectives into consideration. The building became necessary as a replacement building within the framework of the Anger grounds.

The two-storey plinth, which consists of ground floor and basement, almost completely fills the plot. A square structure stands on the plinth, which is positioned on the eastern edge of the building and is in keeping with the buildings on the Kiel University campus.

The blueprints unite the spaces of 12 working groups and the higher-level institute administration in one building. The floor-plan layout is logically designed to create the greatest amount of flexibility, in order to be able to implement changing ratios of lab and office spaces on each level as well as functional relationships.

The individual areas on each level are designed around the core of the building, whereby the atrium represents a place to meet, exchange and communicate across different storeys. We hope to obtain silver certification in accordance with the national assessment system for sustainable building (BNB) by the Federal Building Ministry for laboratory buildings for this new building.

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Neubau Geowissenschaften

Key data:

Construction: 2019-2024
Construction costs (incl. building costs): 105 mio.
Usable area: 7,100 sqm (plus 860 sqm geotechnical centre)
Floors: 7 (+ basement & technical floor)
Architect: Nickl & Partner