Research buildings 2 and 3 (ZISMed)

Construction of two new research and laboratory buildings for the Faculty of Medicine began in Kiel's Feldstraße in October 2021. The new buildings, called the Centre for Integrative Systems Medicine (ZISMed) and research building 2 (FNB 2), will join the Quincke Research Centre as part of the Kiel University (CAU) research and teaching campus at the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital (UKSH) Kiel Campus. The federal government and the state of Schleswig-Holstein have allocated around 97 million euros for the construction project.

The designs feature two arch-shaped buildings connected by a foyer with a conference area and a roof garden. The 9,416 square metres of usable space will include biomedical and generic research laboratories, a study outpatient clinic, centralised and partially automated biobanking areas and equipment platforms. The buildings will also provide a new area for meetings and recreation on the research and teaching campus.

The new location will facilitate the spatial and personnel connection of ZISMed to the UKSH, simplifying the participation of test subjects for research projects. In addition, the campus will be complemented by the refurbished and extended historic teaching and administration building (formerly the naval hospital and 1st Medicine) in the future, after the completion of FNB 2 and ZISMed.

Visualisierung des Neubau-Komplexes, Blick von oben
© Architekturbüro Henn
Future Medical Research and Teaching Campus of Kiel University

Key data:

Research building 2
Construction: 2021-2026
Useable area 1-6: 5,318 m²
Construction costs (incl. building costs): 56 million euros

Research building 3 (ZISMed)
Construction: 2021-2026
Useable area 1-6: 4,098 m²
Construction costs (incl. building permit costs): 41 million euros