Press releases 2021

February 2021

New explanation for the origin of the symbiotic coexistence of complex organisms and their microbial co-inhabitants

Joint Press Release of the IOW (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research) and Kiel University (Kiel Marine Science/KMS)

An interdisciplinary research team decodes the historical genetic diversity of the European oyster with the aid of museum collections.

Research team from Kiel University develops joint splints for sports and medicine inspired by dragonfly wings


New digital discussion format of the CRC 1182 "Origin and Function of Metaorganisms"

Correlations between certain signaling molecules and nervous system involvement in childhood blood cancer


Digital Study Information Days in March

January 2021

The DFG is providing further funding for the Competence Centre for Genomic Analysis Kiel (CCGA Kiel) at Kiel University until 2023.

Collaborative Research Centre at CAU Kiel publishes study on genetic diversity and the immune status of humans around 3200 BC in Central Europe

International research team including Kiel University’s Professor Thomas Bosch fears that microbiome-associated environmental diseases could increase further in the wake of the Corona pandemic

Research team led by CAU Senior Professor Meyer discovers central mechanism which influences the start of the pathogenesis of cancer

Research team at Kiel University decrypts the prey capturing device of the aquatic hunters

Red yeast from deep-sea sediment shows anticancer and antibacterial properties

Correlations between gene variants and the composition of bacterial colonization in the human body

Eight European partners involving Kiel University and Professor Nahid Talebi started consortium on Electron Beams Enhancing Analytical Microscopy (EBEAM)


Start of construction on ZEVS and lecture hall building marks start of Gaarden Campus redevelopment

Scientists from Aachen, Kiel and Reykjavik publish results on Skyrmions in the journal Nature Physics