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November 2023

Upcoming expeditions, one led by Kiel University, will focus on the history of ice sheet instability

Kiel researchers evaluate the future protection potential of dikes and show flooding scenarios until 2100

German Research Foundation continues to fund the CRC 1182 until 2027

Johannes Müller is the only scientist from Germany to be an Honorary Research Associate of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Nerve cells and microorganisms cooperate to control feeding behaviour

Statement by the Board of Kiel University.

Study on the development of the microbiome published in the journal Microbiome

Discovery of novel genetic regulation of sugar degradation in salt-loving archaea



There have been several falls in the past few days. Unknown persons had stretched cords. Please be careful!

The Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" organized a symposium on gender-sensitive medicine and women in science

The Cluster of Excellence PMI has awarded three of its most exceptional female researchers in Lübeck, Borstel and Kiel the highly endowed Dorothea Erxleben Female Investigator Award.

North German researchers are developing a method that reveals the chemical communication between microbes and their host.

Kiel scientist member of an international research team investigating the stability of the ice sheet in a 2°C warmer world

October 2023

New study proves connectivity between climate variability and societal changes in Central Europe 5500 to 3500 years ago.

Kiel University and Trinity College Dublin receive €2.5 million EU funding to develop particularly reliable and sustainable transformers 

4,362 new students have registered so far for the winter semester 2023/24 at the Kiel University, 3,322 of them are freshers

Novel ferroelectric material enables smaller and better semiconductors for microelectronics

Kiel University's priority research area KiNSIS honours professor from Trinity College Dublin and the best dissertations from the nanosciences in Kiel.

Statement of Senate and Board of Kiel University

Perspectives for the future development of research into host-microbe interactions


September 2023

Highlight of the KielRegion's "Festival of Science" takes place at numerous locations in the state capital Kiel

Collaborative Research Center 1182 honours professor from the University of Texas



A misdirected immune response to yeast fungi could play an important role in Crohn's disease.

Discovered for the first time: New deep-sea enzyme breaks down PET plastic

Study from Kiel and Copenhagen shows for the first time that even simple nervous systems can learn

Cassandra Bartels from the US investigates the role of the Southern Ocean in the global carbon cycle

Worm hosts and the associated microorganisms jointly mediate adaptation to a novel environment



Ceremony for the conclusion of a cultural agreement between Schleswig-Holstein and Italy

Professor for Functional Nanomaterials honoured for developing innovative material concepts

US evolutionary biologist Jessica Metcalf talks as at the "Evolution by the Sea"


International team of Materials Scientists significantly improves the performance of thermosponsive hydrogel actuators

August 2023

Researchers from Kiel and Berlin reveal the disordering of copper surfaces during catalysis

Antiviral agent against herpes successful in innovation transfer competition

Since January 2023 Florian Schütte is Professor of Physical Oceanography at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.

Altered fluid dynamics in the gut affect microbial colonisation

Free booklet of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS is now available online or as a print edition.

Carmine Putignano is a Humboldt Senior Fellow at Kiel University and Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy.

July 2023

Genetic factors acquired by Yersinia pestis contribute to our understanding of the plague pandemic in the 19th century


Theoretical physicists from Kiel and Dresden calculate unusual behaviour of electrons

Four-week course program includes intensive language classes, academic lectures, and excursions

German-Indonesian research team identifies new rock-like compounds from plastic waste and coral rubble for the first time

A project of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS uses archaeological raw material finds for network analyses from the Middle Stone Age to antiquity.

Physics research cooperation from Kiel, Göttingen and Hamburg creates new state of matter

Kiel eye researcher and KMS member Alexa Klettner (UKSH) contributes brown algae research to EU project AlgaeProBanos

Sarah Köcher is Professor of Business, particularly Digital Marketing, at Kiel University since March 2023.

June 2023

In the influential QS World University Ranking, Kiel University (CAU) is among the top 15 for the first time in the field of archaeology.

Lukas Rademacher is Professor of Civil Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law at Kiel University since February 2023.

Researchers from Germany and Peru develop new adaptation strategies on the Humboldt upwelling area

International experts discussed the latest research on the link between intestinal bacteria and chronic intestinal inflammation at the international symposium.

Minister President Daniel Günther, together with a delegation from CAU and UKSH, inaugurated the new project "AI-Exchange" in San Francisco.

Researchers at Kiel University and the Research Center Borstel implicate the role of known disease genes in lung microbiota composition.

Mathilde Poyet is Professor in Intestinal Microbiology at Kiel University and at the Institute of Experimental Medicine at the UKSH, Campus Kiel since March 2023.

How have people perceived the inside of their bodies since ancient times? An international conference and a workshop for people with visual impairments will address this question in Kiel.

May 2023

Study by researchers at FTZ Büsum shows correlation between noise and altered feeding behavior of copepods

Joint scientific project locates the sunken church of Rungholt in the North Frisian Wadden Sea in Germany

Researchers of Kiel University model future urban development on European coasts

Harald Gruber-Vodicka is Professor (Heisenberg) of Marine Symbiosis at Kiel University since February 2023.

Prof. Dr. Violeta Radovich (Buenos Aires) and Dr. Richard W.W. Xing (Xiamen) research at the Walter Schücking Institute for International Law

3D comparison of the mandibles shows: Hotspot for new species is especially the deep sea.

Dr Gaven J. Martin is Professor of Mathematics at Massey University Auckland and conducts research at CAU for several months.

EU qualification programme brings together international doctoral researchers in chemistry, materials science and sensor technology

Kiel University and software developer north.io present digitalization project Marispace-X for observing our ocean

Kiel researchers investigate origin of copper objects

Friedrich Stölzel is Professor of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Immunotherapy at Kiel University, and Director at UKSH since February 2023.

In the journal Nature, Eva Stukenbrock from Kiel University and Sarah Gurr from University of Exeter warn of the devastating consequences of fungal diseases.

April 2023

Software for detecting vertebral fractures on CT images from Kiel

reSEArch-EU delegation visits successful projects at the North and Baltic Sea

Kiel’s Promotion of Young Scientist programme enables international students to exchange on career paths in their disciplines

Jana Friedrichsen is Professor of Economics, particularly Business Ethics, at Kiel University since December 2022.

Researchers from Kiel Life Science and other institutions shared current research in microbiology in Kiel.

Dr Elham Ghazizadeh wants to design biosensors to detect antimicrobial-resistant pathogens.

Researchers at Kiel University see negative impact of wind farms on seabird population

Researchers at Kiel University have examined 163 academic, technology-based start-ups in a long-term study

Researchers at Kiel University have studied the evolutionary history of the longevity gene APOE.

Konrad Aden is Professor of Gastroenterology and Metabolomics (Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professorship) at Kiel University since December 2022.

In a recent publication, researchers of the Cluster of Excellence PMI show how an enzyme complex in intestinal cells regulates the colonisation of microorganisms.

March 2023

New start for the "Ethnographisch-Archaeologische Zeitschrift" at Kiel University

A method developed in the TransEvo research training group saves time and costs when analysing complex microbiological samples.

Researchers from Freiburg and Kiel discover that actin acts in the cell nucleus and is partly responsible for the expression of male sexual characteristics.

Institute of Geosciences at Kiel University hosts the 15th International Conference on Archaeological Prospecting (ICAP2023)

Material scientists develop nano-structured and reusable substrate for ultra-sensitive detection of low-concentration analytes

Almuth Caliebe is Professor of Clinical Genomics at Kiel University, as well as senior consultant and deputy director of the Department of Human Genetics at the UKSH, Campus Kiel since November 2022.

Researchers will develop management options for better balance of sea urchins and fish in marine forests

Senate elected the marine geologist and climate researcher as Vice-President for international affairs, young researchers, equality and diversity

The university, the art gallery and the state jointly presented the structural measures and initial plans for the interim period.

Iris Nießen (Jena) receives the prestigious Johanna Mestorf Award for her dissertation at the opening meeting of the Kiel Conference 2023.

Wilfried Rickels is the Professor for the Economics of Negative Emissions Technologies (endowed chair) at Kiel University and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy since January 2023.

Kiel archaeologist contributes to the largest genome analysis of ice-age and post-glacial ancestors to date

New research project tests cultivation of algae on foundations of wind power plants

Research team from Kiel University describes unknown defence mechanism

300 scholars from 30 nations will meet at Kiel University from March 13-18 for the international conference "Scales of Social, Environmental, and Cultural Change in Past Societies."

Professor Moritz Schularick has accepted the appointment as Professor of Economics at Kiel University (CAU) and will become the new President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Symposium "Fungi - the forgotten component of metaorganisms" of CRC 1182 and Kiel Plant Center

February 2023

Project aims to empower people affected by Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by developing interdisciplinary solutions for improved disease prevention and health promotion.

Stephanie Fiedler is Professor of Maritime Meteorology at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel since January 2023.

Using electron microscopy to create ultrafast movies of nano-processes

First comprehensive study on the atmosphere of an ancient city has been published

International kickoff event at the University of Cádiz with participation of Kiel University

Caroline Sophie Rupp is Professor of Civil Law, Private International Law, Procedural Law and Comparative Law at Kiel University since October 2022.

Syria and Turkey were hit by severe earthquakes. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and the rescue workers – in the area and worldwide.

ERC Grant for Marian Hu's CarboCell project to study carbon fixation in marine organisms

European Research Council funds "FungalSecrets" research project at Kiel University with two million euros

Based on scientific literature a research team from Kiel University conducts meta-analysis of bacteria’s and fungi’s potential for their host plants

January 2023

Kai Bachmann is Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Kiel University and Director of the Department of General Surgery, Abdominal, Thoracic, Transplantation and Paediatric Surgery at the UKSH, Kiel campus since October 2022.

A special microscope shows different anti-icing strategies of plant leaves

Claudia Ricarda Meyer to stay in office for another six years

Organic chemist develop new catalyst to selectively activate carbon-hydrogen bonds

Links between gene mutation and the spatial structure of DNA in blood cancer

Daniel Fehrle is Professor of Economics, particularly Macroeconomics, at Kiel University since October 2022.

Archaeologists from the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1266 came across an unusual find during this year's excavations in Slovakia.