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Aerial view of research vessel Polarstern

Upcoming expeditions, one led by Kiel University, will focus on the history of ice sheet instability

Reed belt in front of a dike section

Kiel researchers evaluate the future protection potential of dikes and show flooding scenarios until 2100

Group photo

German Research Foundation continues to fund the CRC 1182 until 2027

Statement by the Board of Kiel University.

Pictogram: Bicycle

There have been several falls in the past few days. Unknown persons had stretched cords. Please be careful!


The Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" organized a symposium on gender-sensitive medicine and women in science

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The Cluster of Excellence PMI has awarded three of its most exceptional female researchers in Lübeck, Borstel and Kiel the highly endowed Dorothea Erxleben Female Investigator Award.

A man sits at a computer

North German researchers are developing a method that reveals the chemical communication between microbes and their host.

Expedition camp on ice shelf

Kiel scientist member of an international research team investigating the stability of the ice sheet in a 2°C warmer world

An artificial hill overgrown with grass on a meadow. On the highest point of the hill stands a man with tools.

New study proves connectivity between climate variability and societal changes in Central Europe 5500 to 3500 years ago.

Electronic component

Kiel University and Trinity College Dublin receive €2.5 million EU funding to develop particularly reliable and sustainable transformers 


Novel ferroelectric material enables smaller and better semiconductors for microelectronics

Statement of Senate and Board of Kiel University

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Perspectives for the future development of research into host-microbe interactions


Prize giving

Collaborative Research Center 1182 honours professor from the University of Texas



microscopic picture

A misdirected immune response to yeast fungi could play an important role in Crohn's disease.


Discovered for the first time: New deep-sea enzyme breaks down PET plastic


Study from Kiel and Copenhagen shows for the first time that even simple nervous systems can learn

Portrait of a woman, sea in the background

Cassandra Bartels from the US investigates the role of the Southern Ocean in the global carbon cycle

Three people at the presentation of a prize

Professor for Functional Nanomaterials honoured for developing innovative material concepts

International team of Materials Scientists significantly improves the performance of thermosponsive hydrogel actuators

Nerve cells with bound autoantibodies under the microscope

The EU is funding the consortium "IgG4 Treat" with over 2.5 million euros for four years. Kiel University and the UKSH are 2 of 16 project partners.


Researchers from Kiel and Berlin reveal the disordering of copper surfaces during catalysis

Group picture award ceremony

Antiviral agent against herpes successful in innovation transfer competition

Altered fluid dynamics in the gut affect microbial colonisation

A herd of goats in a barren mountain landscape.

Free booklet of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS is now available online or as a print edition.

Photo of Carmine Putignano with blurry blue background.

Carmine Putignano is a Humboldt Senior Fellow at Kiel University and Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy.

Group picture

Theoretical physicists from Kiel and Dresden calculate unusual behaviour of electrons

Plastiglomerate of coral rubble held together by melted plastic debris.

German-Indonesian research team identifies new rock-like compounds from plastic waste and coral rubble for the first time

Several pieces of worked obsidian lie on a table next to a finds bag, a notebook, and a pair of glasses.

A project of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS uses archaeological raw material finds for network analyses from the Middle Stone Age to antiquity.

Physics research cooperation from Kiel, Göttingen and Hamburg creates new state of matter

underwater photo

Kiel eye researcher and KMS member Alexa Klettner (UKSH) contributes brown algae research to EU project AlgaeProBanos

Several people stand at open excavation areas. A low sun illuminates the scene with warm light.

In the influential QS World University Ranking, Kiel University (CAU) is among the top 15 for the first time in the field of archaeology.

Fishing boats on a water surface, city silhouette in the background

Researchers from Germany and Peru develop new adaptation strategies on the Humboldt upwelling area

group photo

International experts discussed the latest research on the link between intestinal bacteria and chronic intestinal inflammation at the international symposium.

a man stands in front of a laptop

Minister President Daniel Günther, together with a delegation from CAU and UKSH, inaugurated the new project "AI-Exchange" in San Francisco.

A lung in graphic form

Researchers at Kiel University and the Research Center Borstel implicate the role of known disease genes in lung microbiota composition.

 The circulatory system: dissection of the abdomen showing the large intestine, with the arteries and veins indicated in red and blue.

How have people perceived the inside of their bodies since ancient times? An international conference and a workshop for people with visual impairments will address this question in Kiel.

Person collecting sand samples on a beach, water in the background

Researchers from Kiel present first combined systematic study on litter in the micro and macro spectrum on Schleswig-Holstein's Baltic Sea beaches

Underwater image from the seafloor, weights hold illuminated, upward-facing containers in place

Study by researchers at FTZ Büsum shows correlation between noise and altered feeding behavior of copepods

Drone image of the Wadden Sea. In the lower half of the picture you can see small two people pushing a handcart over mudflats

Joint scientific project locates the sunken church of Rungholt in the North Frisian Wadden Sea in Germany

Water and a rocky coastline with houses, a developed road and trees

Researchers of Kiel University model future urban development on European coasts

a white shark

3D comparison of the mandibles shows: Hotspot for new species is especially the deep sea.


EU qualification programme brings together international doctoral researchers in chemistry, materials science and sensor technology

Kiel researchers investigate origin of copper objects

Wheat field

In the journal Nature, Eva Stukenbrock from Kiel University and Sarah Gurr from University of Exeter warn of the devastating consequences of fungal diseases.

Black and white image of a spine: scan of a computer tomograph, two red arrows point to two locations on the bone.

Software for detecting vertebral fractures on CT images from Kiel


reSEArch-EU delegation visits successful projects at the North and Baltic Sea

Wind turbines in the sea.

Researchers at Kiel University see negative impact of wind farms on seabird population

A man and a woman hold a sign with the inscription Kiel Institute for Responsible Innovation

Researchers at Kiel University have examined 163 academic, technology-based start-ups in a long-term study