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Kiel’s Promotion of Young Scientist programme enables international students to exchange on career paths in their disciplines

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Novel learning app on metaorganism research


Illustration of the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"

European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) offers a digital, free learning tool

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Live in the lecture hall und via stream


14,4 Million Euro granted to European Alliance. Corporation boosts internationalisation efforts of Kiel University.

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After a break of two years due to the coronavirus, Kiel University has once again invited students from abroad to participate in its four-week summer course. The participants come from the USA, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan and 22 other countries.

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Kiel University confers EmpowerMINT awards for theses

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Angelika Messner, Professor of Chinese Studies and Head of the China Centre at the CAU receives this prestigious distinction for her extraordinarily innovative work.

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The SEA-EU European university alliance is setting standards for future transnational cooperation in research, teaching and knowledge transfer


Pan-European University network is growing

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Welcome event for new students of the winter semester 2021/2022


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There hasn’t really been any alternative to digital teaching over the past pandemic year. But which direction will the journey take when students and teaching staff return to the new 3G world on campus?

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Preferably online. This motto is not always the best, even during a pandemic. The German as a foreign language department at the CAU relies on a mixture of digital and attendance elements – for good reasons and with great success.


European university alliance SEA-EU at Kiel University develops new online tools for teaching and learning

Kiel University confers EmpowerMINT awards for theses

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EU supports the joint degree program of four universities with more than 3 million euros within its Erasmus Mundus program


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Exciting discoveries in the earth: schoolchildren will be able to carry out experiments on all aspects of archaeology at Kiel University's new archäo:labor. Starting after Easter.

Markus Hundt

Vice President for studying, teaching and continuing professional development, Professor Markus Hundt, knew what he was getting himself into when he was elected to this post by the University Senate on 7 October last year.

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Digital Study Information Days in March

Kathrin Ludwig and Maria Woischwill

Tutors are important pillars of university teaching. Kiel University runs a comprehensive advanced training programme called BEAT – Be A Tutor.

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Teaching has primarily been conducted online since the summer semester 2020. Lecturers have to adapt the methods they use to teach their classes and present their lectures to the new formats. The university is helping them do this.

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Whether it's in German or physics, videos and other digital tools are not only adding variation to everyday teaching but also producing great successes in learning across many school subjects. The Centre for Teacher Training (ZfL) at Kiel University is investigating how this works.

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Vice Presidents elected

Professor Dr med. Simone Fulda is the new President of Kiel University (CAU). Today, 1 October, she officially commenced her duties.

Universitätsbibliothek in der »Blauen Stunde«

Extended opening hours and online reservation for workstations from August 17

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Will the coronavirus crisis help digitalisation achieve a breakthrough in the field of education? Professor Heidrun Allert believes that this would be rather missing the point. "Exceptional circumstances cannot be the yardstick for this," comments the scientist.

Sandy Ohm

With a clear goal in mind, Sandy Ohm added her Abitur to a vocational training and began studying medicine. The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship provides her with the freedom to concentrate fully on her degree.

Simone Fulda

Physician is keen to take up her position in Kiel as soon as possible.

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The federal states have agreed on a common approach for the summer semester 2020 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Plakat: One Planet One Ocean. From Science to Solutions

Registration for the English-language online lecture series "One Planet - One Ocean: From Science to Solutions" possible at any time.

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Administrative operations will be limited to a necessary extent. Advice centres can only be reached by telephone or e-mail.

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Until April 19, all courses with obligatory attendance and all public events in CAU museums are cancelled.

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The organisers have decided to cancel the Study & Information Days from 10 to 12 March.

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International Master's degree programme in Materials Science celebrates its 20th anniversary

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Computer Science students will complete the first level of their degree programme with “Space Invaders” and “Connect 4” on 26 and 27 February.

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Environmentally-friendly mobility - this is what lies behind the keyword "transport transition" (Verkehrswende). How this can also be achieved in rural areas is the focus of a project by the Cultural Geography Workgroup.

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The European Commission is funding 17 EU-wide university alliances as European Universities. Kiel University is part of the initiative, as one of six sites for the "European University of the Seas". It offers innovative courses and integrated mobility.

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Those who want to make accurate weather and climate predictions must have one thing above all else: an understanding of mathematics. Because bone-dry equations form the basis of all climate processes. In order to liven up his teaching, meteorologist Dr Torge Martin relies on wet experiments, with…

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International cooperation is a big deal at Kiel University. In microbiology, it reaches all the way to Ethiopia. The reasons are not just scientific.

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Response speed and better results when shooting: in order to train young handball players more effectively, students of Sports Science and the Faculty of Engineering have developed a new practice device in cooperation with the handball club THW Kiel - the handball column.

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In the first edition of "unizeit", we presented the new University Library building in Leibnizstraße. A lot has happened in the library sector since 2001 – with digitisation gaining ground and presenting libraries with major challenges.

Nicolaus Wilder and Julia Prieß-Buchheit in conversation

Reliable results instead of fake news, plagiarism, and data manipulation are the declared goals of science. In their EU project "Path2Integrity", Nicolaus Wilder and Julia Prieß-Buchheit are developing innovative teaching and learning methods to turn knowledge-hungry students into diligent…

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If students provide feedback on the seminars, courses or lectures they attended, it also helps those behind the lectern. With the aim of continuously improving the teaching at Kiel University, a service for course evaluation will be available from this winter semester onwards.

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The times are becoming ever faster. The same is true in teaching. Those who wish to perform confidently and produce good work in the lecture hall, seminar room or laboratory are well advised to acquire the appropriate tools. Kiel University offers lots of options.

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From “Audiovisual Academic Communication” via “Graphic Recording” and “Strategies against Procrastination” through to “Digital Society” – the Key Skills Centre (ZfS) offers more than 300 courses. This year it is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Forschung auf dem Meer.

Kiel University honoured as a European University with a focus on marine sciences - 5 million Euros awarded for international cooperation

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For the first time, a student exchange with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) takes place.

Eleven lectures will take place at different locations on the campus of Kiel University.

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Symposium on the importance of teacher training at German universities - new cooperation with the Europa-Universität Flensburg

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More than 60 international experts and researchers take part in the workshop “Narratives and Practices of Environmental Justice”.