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Statement by the Board of Kiel University.

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There have been several falls in the past few days. Unknown persons had stretched cords. Please be careful!

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North German researchers are developing a method that reveals the chemical communication between microbes and their host.

CAU President Professor Simone Fulda got the freshers in the mood for their studies.

4,362 new students have registered so far for the winter semester 2023/24 at the Kiel University, 3,322 of them are freshers

Statement of Senate and Board of Kiel University

Portrait of a woman, sea in the background

Cassandra Bartels from the US investigates the role of the Southern Ocean in the global carbon cycle

Two women and a man stand around a wooden crate and embrace the lid.

Ceremony for the conclusion of a cultural agreement between Schleswig-Holstein and Italy

Nerve cells with bound autoantibodies under the microscope

The EU is funding the consortium "IgG4 Treat" with over 2.5 million euros for four years. Kiel University and the UKSH are 2 of 16 project partners.

portrait photo of Florian Schütte

Since January 2023 Florian Schütte is Professor of Physical Oceanography at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.

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Four-week course program includes intensive language classes, academic lectures, and excursions


Sarah Köcher is Professor of Business, particularly Digital Marketing, at Kiel University since March 2023.

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Lukas Rademacher is Professor of Civil Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law at Kiel University since February 2023.

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Minister President Daniel Günther, together with a delegation from CAU and UKSH, inaugurated the new project "AI-Exchange" in San Francisco.

Mathilde Poyet

Mathilde Poyet is Professor in Intestinal Microbiology at Kiel University and at the Institute of Experimental Medicine at the UKSH, Campus Kiel since March 2023.

Underwater image from the seafloor, weights hold illuminated, upward-facing containers in place

Study by researchers at FTZ Büsum shows correlation between noise and altered feeding behavior of copepods

Image of Harald Gruber-Vodicka

Harald Gruber-Vodicka is Professor (Heisenberg) of Marine Symbiosis at Kiel University since February 2023.

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Prof. Dr. Violeta Radovich (Buenos Aires) and Dr. Richard W.W. Xing (Xiamen) research at the Walter Schücking Institute for International Law

Portrait photo of Gaven J. Martin.

Dr Gaven J. Martin is Professor of Mathematics at Massey University Auckland and conducts research at CAU for several months.

Aeroplane over the sea.

Kiel University and software developer present digitalization project Marispace-X for observing our ocean


Friedrich Stölzel is Professor of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Immunotherapy at Kiel University, and Director at UKSH since February 2023.


reSEArch-EU delegation visits successful projects at the North and Baltic Sea

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Kiel’s Promotion of Young Scientist programme enables international students to exchange on career paths in their disciplines


Jana Friedrichsen is Professor of Economics, particularly Business Ethics, at Kiel University since December 2022.


Dr Elham Ghazizadeh wants to design biosensors to detect antimicrobial-resistant pathogens.

Wind turbines in the sea.

Researchers at Kiel University see negative impact of wind farms on seabird population

A man and a woman hold a sign with the inscription Kiel Institute for Responsible Innovation

Researchers at Kiel University have examined 163 academic, technology-based start-ups in a long-term study


Konrad Aden is Professor of Gastroenterology and Metabolomics (Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professorship) at Kiel University since December 2022.

Almuth Caliebe

Almuth Caliebe is Professor of Clinical Genomics at Kiel University, as well as senior consultant and deputy director of the Department of Human Genetics at the UKSH, Campus Kiel since November 2022.

Submarine shot

Researchers will develop management options for better balance of sea urchins and fish in marine forests


Senate elected the marine geologist and climate researcher as Vice-President for international affairs, young researchers, equality and diversity

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The university, the art gallery and the state jointly presented the structural measures and initial plans for the interim period.

Portrait Wilfried Rickels

Wilfried Rickels is the Professor for the Economics of Negative Emissions Technologies (endowed chair) at Kiel University and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy since January 2023.

Portrait Moritz Schularick

Professor Moritz Schularick has accepted the appointment as Professor of Economics at Kiel University (CAU) and will become the new President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Foto von Stephanie Fiedler

Stephanie Fiedler is Professor of Maritime Meteorology at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel since January 2023.

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International kickoff event at the University of Cádiz with participation of Kiel University

Portrait Caroline Rupp

Caroline Sophie Rupp is Professor of Civil Law, Private International Law, Procedural Law and Comparative Law at Kiel University since October 2022.

Syria and Turkey were hit by severe earthquakes. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and the rescue workers – in the area and worldwide.

Portrait Marian Hu

ERC Grant for Marian Hu's CarboCell project to study carbon fixation in marine organisms

Agricultural field on a slope, water in the background

Based on scientific literature a research team from Kiel University conducts meta-analysis of bacteria’s and fungi’s potential for their host plants

Portrait Kai Bachmann

Kai Bachmann is Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Kiel University and Director of the Department of General Surgery, Abdominal, Thoracic, Transplantation and Paediatric Surgery at the UKSH, Kiel campus since October 2022.


Claudia Ricarda Meyer to stay in office for another six years

People at work on the quarterdeck of a ship

Expedition team led by Kiel University investigates seafloor off Northwest Africa and the Canary Islands

Derk Frank

Since October 2022: Derk Frank is Professor of Cardiology and Angiology at Kiel University, and Medical Director of the Department of Internal Medicine III focussing on cardiology, angiology and intensive care medicine at the UKSH, Campus Kiel. Previously Acting Managing Director of the Department…

Illustration of the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"

European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) offers a digital, free learning tool

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Only nine months after laying the foundation stone, the shell structure of the new innovation centre for research and technology transfer has been completed.

View of the Hörn area of Kiel and the 3D building model of the city

A new data set helps with targeted energy distribution, shows the need for renovation and can be transferred to other municipalities.

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2.3 million euros for the new “Kiel Training for Excellence” career development programme

Portrait Morelia Urlaub

Since June 2022: Morelia Urlaub is Professor of Marine Geomechanics at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.