Press releases archive 2013

Scientists of Kiel University analyse attachment in flowing waters

Exhibition on the physicist opens on December 14 at Kiel University

All lectures and events at the university or inside university buildings are hereby cancelled for Friday, December 6.

Due to the sustaining, very critical weather forecast, the University Board of Kiel University (CAU) has decided to suspend work and teaching at the University from 12 o'clock today. All lectures and events at the university or inside university buildings are hereby cancelled.

The latest weather forecast announces a heavy storm or hurricane for tomorrow, December 5, 2013. Therefore, the University Board leaves it up to all members of Kiel University to commence their work or to take part in courses.

Isotope specialist from Kiel develops a method to identify the origins of nutrients in marine food webs

Kiel University scientist investigates how speech is anchored in the brain

Scientists at Kiel University revolutionize the nanostructure production process

Scientists of Kiel University unravel widespread natural adhesion system

Numerous recent studies linked gut microbiota with various diseases such as obesity of diabetes. Little is known, however, on how gut and skin microbiota composition is controlled. In a recent study published in the journal Nature communications on 17 September, John Baines, Saleh Ibrahim and their…

With the help of ancient DNA analysis, researchers in Kiel provide evidence for intercultural contact during the Stone Age in Northern Germany

Scientists from Kiel University study ladybirds’ feet

Publication in Physical Review Letters designated as „Editors' Suggestion“

30,000 Euros in prize money from the competition “Researcher Alumni Strategies”

The comparison of 1000-year-old and modern bacterial genomes provides insights into the disease history

Researchers of the Collaborative Research Centre 754 in Kiel contribute to the first global study on the nitrogen cycle in the ocean

The Collaborative Research Centre TRR 24 "Fundamentals of Complex Plasmas" has been granted a third funding period and new 6.5 million euros by the German Science Foundation (DFG). The DFG decision is based on the positive evaluation by a high-rank international review panel. The research projects…

The great ecological success of spiders is often substantiated by the evolution of silk and webs. Biologists of the Kiel University and the University of Bern now found an alternative adaptation to hunting prey: hairy adhesive pads, so called scopulae. The scientists published their results in the…

On Wednesday, May 15th, 2013, doctoral student Rupak Khadka, invites everybody to see the documentary film "Forest of Hope" at Kiel University (CAU). ''Forest of Hope'' features the world's first recorded white chimpanzee called ''Pinkie''. Pinkie was one of the orphaned chimpanzees rescued and…

New scientific research published today in the journal PLoS Biology shows that bacteria can evolve resistance more quickly when stronger antibiotics are used.

Researchers from the University of Exeter and Kiel University in Germany treated E. coli with different combinations of antibiotics in…

Kiel based research group discovers nano-crystals at the interface between two liquids

International Students have made an image film

Scientists identify key factor that controls nitrogen availability in the Ocean