Press releases archive 2014

Kiel University starts the jubilee year with a quiz and 350+ marks

350 years of Kiel University: Campus Suite as partner

A research team from Kiel University (CAU) and Goethe University Frankfurt have jointly created a synthetic surface on which the adhesion of E. coli bacteria can be controlled. The layer, which is only approximately four nanometres thick, imitates the saccharide coating (glycocalyx) of cells onto…

Just in time for the upcoming jubilee year 2015 Kiel University received an early birthday present on Thursday 20, 2014.

Evidence of domestic cereals in Sudan as early as 7,000 years ago

The start of the anniversary year of Kiel University in 2015 is only 50 days away. To set the mood for the upcoming celebrations of the university’s 350th birthday there will be a jubilee fair in the Audimax on January 28, 2015.

Time travel of a special kind: Throughout the jubilee year at Kiel University (CAU), its founder, Duke Christian Albrecht, and the female figure from the university crest, widely known as Christine, will be given new life. They will be present at all the important jubilee events and will breathe…

Together with its jubilee partners Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (KVG) and Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH (Ströer), Kiel University (CAU) introduced a jubilee bus onto the streets of Kiel today (Friday, 31 October).

In becoming President in June 2014, Professor Lutz Kipp also took on the role of scientific head of the University Jubilee in 2015. Kipp revealed the particular areas of focus he has planned for the 350th birthday of the Schleswig-Holstein alma mater in an interview with unizeit.

Theater Kiel and Kiel University are calling for casting

Organic tin in polymers increases their light absorption

Whether it’s letting kids participate in science or offering a sportive vacation on campus: Kiel University (CAU) cares a lot about its states’ children. Accordingly, the university’s interest to be a family friendly environment is high.

Minister-President Torsten Albig is patron of the 350th anniversary of Kiel University

Team „CAU 350“ starts at the dragon boat race and the Kiel.Lauf

This upcoming weekend (September 13th an 14th) members of the team “CAU 350” will face the competition at two major sporting events in Kiel to draw attention to the university’s 350th anniversary in 2015.

Hotels Steigenberger and InterCity Kiel add anniversary-starter and university-cocktails to their menus

A very special dinner awaits friends of Kiel University on Tuesday, October 7, at the Birke Waldesruh. In cooperation with Hotel Birke the university’s president, professor Lutz Kipp, and the ambassador of the jubilee, Dr. Ulf Kämpfer, invite to the jubilee dinner 2014.

Understanding the structure and way of construction in spider silk is a challenge taken up by a research team of Kiel University. The scientists examined five different spider species regarding the adhesion and tensile strength of a particular silk they use to fix the main thread to a surface as…

Even during the hot summer in Schleswig-Holstein, the preparations for the 350th anniversary of Kiel University are proceeding. Today (Monday, August 4), 150 days before the start of the birthday year, the first photo shoot to put the university’s members in the spotlight took place.

Purple table in the Holtenauer Straße creates anticipation for the university’s anniversary year

Kiel University is celebrating its 350th anniversary in 2015. The City of Kiel is the living part of its eventful history. And now Lord Mayor of Kiel Dr Ulf Kämpfer is the Jubilee Ambassador.

As from the winter semester, iMasder will be providing skills in research and teaching

Discovery of a primordial cancer in a primitive animal

Scientists of Kiel University investigate how a fungal gene influences the formation of a plant hormone

Casting at Kiel University

University Board sponsors 28 Kiel University projects

Press Release of the Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces"

Joint press release of the Cluster of Excellence „The Future Ocean“ and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

They are three-dimensional and yet single-sided: Moebius strips. These twisted objects have only one side and one edge and they put our imagination to the test. Under the leadership of Kiel University’s chemist Professor Rainer Herges, an international team of scientists has succeeded in designing…

Weinhaus Tiemann is partner in the anniversary year of the state university

Kiel University will become 350 years old / Personal Stories wanted

Preparations are in full swing

Ministerpräsident distinguished the Rector of the University of Southern Denmark with medal

Team of scientists at Kiel University has found a way to control magnetic states in molecules with light

In “World Ocean Review 3”, maribus has published a profound analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the use of the oceans.

The Presidents of Kiel University, the University of Hamburg, Syddansk University and Aarhus University have founded the network STELLA POLARIS UNIVERSITIES in Odense, Denmark.

DFG President Strohschneider demands solid financing for universities

Physicists of Kiel University are the first to move an atom inside a crystal and investigate its function

Kiel University starts countdown to the big anniversary