Press releases archive 2015

A team from Chemistry and Materials Science at Kiel University has succeeded in using light to turn cells' adhesion to surfaces on and off. This could be used in controlled cell breeding, such as in programmable biochips, and could also revolutionise research into cell adhesion and cell…

Kiel University says thank you for a successful year of celebrations

Study finds that changes in the composition of phytoplankton community of North Pacific Subtropical Gyre relate to large-scale regional climate phenomena

The DFG (German Research Foundation) is providing 10 million Euros to support research into the interaction between organisms and microbial symbionts

Première of the sound installation "Tanzendes Meer" (dancing ocean) as a plea for the freedom of art and science

Due to a leakage in the Stadtwerke Kiel’s heating network connecting Leibnizstraße you have been informed that urgent repair work is expected to take place on Thursday, November 19, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Kiel-based research team shows positive influence on life span of bioactive plant compounds in green tea and soy

Robert Gatenby from the Moffitt Cancer Center visited Kiel University

A Kiel-based research team has identified fungi genes that can develop anti-cancer compounds

Daily switching of antibiotics inhibits the evolution of resistance

Researchers observe one of the world's fastest chemical reactions for the first time

The European Union (EU) program “strategic partnerships” which aims at the internationalization of universities funds the project „Urban dynamics: Global Perspectives for Socio-cultural Urban Management“ of Kiel University (CAU) with 235,000 euros.

Scientists from Kiel University and the Ruhr Universität Bochum (RUB) have developed a new way to store information that uses ions to save data and electrons to read data. This could enable the size of storage cells to be reduced to atomic dimensions. But that is not the only advantage of the new…

New physical effect: researchers discover a change of electrical resistance in magnetic whirls

Alma Mater Chiloniensis, Kiel's university, was founded with a ceremony at Nikolaikirche (Church of St Nicholas) on Monday, 5 October 1665. Soon after, the university took on the name of its founder and has since been known as Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU). After 350 years of…

On October 5, Kiel University will be celebrating its founding day 350 years ago. All current and former members of Kiel University, students as well as employees, shall be able to witness the ceremonial act themselves. Therefore, the ceremony will be broadcasted live from St. Nikolai into the main…

Scientists from the Functional Morphology and Biomechanics research group at Kiel University have shown, for the first time, what happens when a frog's tongue makes contact with a surface. They discovered similarities to conventional adhesive tape.

It is a great tradition to honour an anniversary with a worthy publication. This tradition is to be upheld twice for Kiel University's 350th anniversary. From today (Thursday, 1 October) two publications will tell the story of the foundation of what was once the Fürstenschule zu Bordesholm…

Breakthrough in the description of warm dense matter

The winners are...

Kiel researchers have demonstrated: Only sustainable management can prevent the future collapse of wild stocks; an expansion of aquaculture has only a limited effect.

On October 5, Kiel University will be celebrating its founding day 350 years ago. Around 700 guests from across the world are anticipated, including Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark. From today, September 8, all current and former members of Kiel University, students as well as…

International workshop "Evolutionary Genomics of Plant Pathogens" at Kiel University

Researchers in Kiel develop a new method of thermographic imaging

Kiel scientists expand the understanding of Caenorhabditis elegans’ natural ecology

Annual conference on environmental ethics at Kiel University

Around 12,500 interested visitors came to the "kieler uni live" tent at Kiellinie over the past nine days. In its 350th jubilee year, Kiel University presented itself for the fifth time with a diverse programme for Kieler Woche.

Kiel marine scientists publish new data on greenhouse gas emissions

Scientist at Kiel University takes sensational image of a frog in a frog

Achieving a better molecular understanding of the role played in the occurrence of cancer of so-called death receptors which make the progression of pancreatic cancer in particular especially aggressive and almost always fatal – this is the goal of scientists at the Institute for Experimental Tumor…

Synthesizing nanoscale materials takes place within high-tech laboratories, where scientists in full-body suits keep every grain of dust away from their sensitive innovations. However, scientists at Kiel University proved that this is not always necessary. They have successfully been able to…

Study on coevolution between host and pathogens sheds new light on evolutionary dynamics

Open lecture by Thomas M. Scanlon of Harvard University

Millions of euros of funding for the development of new medicines and materials

President Toomas Ilves advocates strengthening German-Estonian university cooperation

Successful experiment: Kiel University has a megalithic tomb

Reuven Rivlin spoke to students about German-Israeli relations

International Symposium "Food-Nutrition-Health" at Kiel University

Due to a burst of the water mains, water supply will be shut down in sector 3 of the university campus as a whole starting at 1 p.m today, May 12. All institutes and facilities in Leibnizstraße and at the Botanical Garden will be affected (see map), including:

Kiel University Library (will close…

The 2016 EhrenamtMesse (trade fair on voluntary work) will take place in the Olshausenstraße 75 building at Kiel University (CAU). The project partners, Kiel University, the EhrenamtNetzwerk Schleswig-Holstein and the nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro, have now agreed upon this location. The trade fair,…

Kiel University is presenting a colourful festival programme to be held on May 22

International conference at Kiel University for the start of the ESMERALDA project

Researchers at the Institute of Pharmacy at Kiel University have developed chemical compounds which have demonstrated strong effects on tumours. The so-called "aromatic heterocyclic compounds" are also easy and efficient to produce. The working group has now published its findings in the renowned…

Unique microscopic images provide new insights into ionic liquids

170 runners took part in Kiel University's first ever tower race today (Wednesday, 22 April). After 14 floors they were rewarded with a panorama view across Kiel and a medal. "A complete success!" was the conclusion made by the President of Kiel University, Professor Lutz Kipp.

Flying insects take note of opponents’ strengths and abilities before entering into a fight

Due to the sustaining, very critical weather forecast, the University Board of Kiel University (CAU) has decided to suspend work and teaching at the “Anger-Bauten” (Ludewig-Meyn-Straße 2-16 and Hermann-Rodewald-Straße 5-9) and on the parking areas nearby from tomorrow 6 a.m. (Tuesday, March 31 ).…

Award for PhD on Iranian mountain peoples

Scientists of Kiel University discover mechanics of poison production in Crotalaria

CAU exhibits at local shopping centre

Kiel University (CAU) is 350 years old this year. From its long life, seven decades have still even passed since 1945. Within these 70 years, the face of Schleswig-Holstein's state university has changed considerably. The massive increase in the number of students, the extension of the scientific…

Some places for teams still available

Save the date: March 2 will be the first day of sale

After the end of the last ice age the Australian climate drastically changed

IHK President, Vater, calls for stronger links between science, business and society

Kiel University presents its jubilee activities

Kiel.Lauf 2015: Register to join Kiel University's CAU350 team now

On Wednesday, January 28, the institutes and faculties of Kiel University present their projects and events for the university’s 350th birthday. From 2 to 6 pm the public can get an overview of the various jubilee projects from within the university at info desks in the foyer of the Audimax or in…

University and brewery present the Jubilee beer

Storm warning: Closure of "Anger-Bauten" and areas nearby on Friday, January 9, from 12 o'clock

Kiel University publishes stories and memories for the jubilee

Published in the January issue of "Wirtschaft zwischen Nord- und Ostsee", magazine of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein