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Kiel physics team observed extremely fast electronic changes in real time in a special material class

Simone Fulda

Physician is keen to take up her position in Kiel as soon as possible.

Siegel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Presentation of the candidates in the livestream.

Portrait of  a man

Kiel research team describes differences in the bacterial colonization of the skin in house and laboratory mice

Priority research area KiNSIS establishes interdisciplinary funding programme for early career researchers

Siegel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

The elections of the representatives in the Faculty Conventions and in CAU's Extended Senate is running until Wednesday, June 17.

Blaser und Dominguez-Bello in a laboratory

'Microbiota Vault' project to safeguard global microbial diversity



Research team from Kiel finds gene variants for severe course of Covid-19: The blood group might have an influence on the severity of Covid-19…


Since June 1, an interim University Board has been managing business at Kiel University.

Coral reefs

New DFG Priority Programme: The interdisciplinary program is coordinated by MARUM and Kiel University

Lutz Kipp at his desk

Setting the course for the future: The six-year term of Kiel University’s President Professor Lutz Kipp ends on May 31.

Illustration einer Flagge mit Aufschrift "WIR ZEIGEN #FLAGGEFÜRVIELFALT!"

CAU flies the flag for diversity

Two differently sized plants

Plant researchers from Kiel analyse the influence of genetic information on the onset of plant flowering using the example of thale cress



Transdisciplinary research project investigates effects of shipping

Researchers in white coats stand at sequencers in a laboratory

International research team involving the Cluster of Excellence PMI explores the genetics of primary immunodeficiencies (PID) on an unprecedented…

A group of scientists in a lab

Kieler research Team investigates how cyanobacteria can be transformed into hydrogen factories

Fluorescent microscopy picture showing fungal hyphae

How certain harmful fungi suppress the immune system of their host plants, making them susceptible to new infections

Microscopic image

Hamed Rajabi receives Image of the Year Award 2019 for microscopic photography

Portrait of a man

Dr Camilo Barbosa receives research prize for his work on the prevention of antibiotic resistance

University tower

The federal states have agreed on a common approach for the summer semester 2020 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Visualisierung der beiden Sonden

After a brief shutdown: ESA’s planetary missions are getting back to gathering science data from Solar System.

Reconstruction of West Antarctica about 90 million years ago.

Climate History: New study led by AWI and in cooperation with Kiel University provides unexpected evidence for exceptionally warm climate near the…

Door sign at the consulting room of the university ambulance.

Those who need advice can now contact the university outpatient clinic by telephone.

Scientist holds a glass slide

International research team develops simple production process for acetone sensors

Plakat: One Planet One Ocean. From Science to Solutions

Registration for the English-language online lecture series "One Planet - One Ocean: From Science to Solutions" possible at any time.

Ceramic grave goods

Analysis of grave goods sheds light on the spiritual importance of cattle during the Neolithic

Portrait of a man

Kiel research team investigates reproduction mechanism in the bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum

A pile of sugar

Study with the participation of the PMI Cluster of Excellence points out that the reduced life expectancy due to sugar consumption could have other…

Different phenotypes of the freshwater polyp

Research team at Kiel University demonstrates a causal role of certain microorganisms in the formation of tumours

Scientific graphic

Researchers from Kiel control the size of molecular superstructures on surfaces

Laser beam hits white material

An international research team led by Kiel University develops an extremely porous material made of "white graphene" for new laser light applications

Visualisierung Coronavirus

Administrative operations will be limited to a necessary extent. Advice centres can only be reached by telephone or e-mail.

Visualisierung Coronavirus

Until April 19, all courses with obligatory attendance and all public events in CAU museums are cancelled.


Interdisciplinary research team at Kiel University develops adaptive frictional system modelled on grasshopper’s feet

A scientist in front of a compost heap presenting nematode samples

Researchers from Kiel University investigate basic principles of microbiome composition

Research team from Kiel and Nijmegen studies magnetic spiral structure

Vollbesetzter großer Hörsaal

The organisers have decided to cancel the Study & Information Days from 10 to 12 March.

group picture

Laying of the foundation stone for a highly technical new building for the Institute of Geosciences with Geotechnicum

 Photoelectron spectroscopy equipment

International Master's degree programme in Materials Science celebrates its 20th anniversary


Kiel's Geography and a Hamburg-based environmental data service provider supply indicators and algorithms for the “German Strategy for Adaptation to…

Three man

Physicists have developed an extremely fast simulation technique to predict the time evolution of interacting electrons

A scientist in a laboratory

An international comparative study demonstrates advantages of precision therapies for certain cancers

areal picture

Study shows surprisingly high fertilisation of the ocean

Illuminated university tower building

Computer Science students will complete the first level of their degree programme with “Space Invaders” and “Connect 4” on 26 and 27 February.

Martina Gerken and Christine Selhuber-Unkel from the nanosciences both receive a Proof of Concept Grant of the European Research Council

Two men in front of a bookshelf

Mercator Fellow Richard D. James from the University of Minnesota investigates shape memory materials together with Eckhard Quandt


A man giving a lecture

"Non-communicable diseases" could possibly be passed on from person to person via the microbiome


Aerial photo of the excavation area of an Early Neolithic settlement near Vráble in Slovakia

Puzzle of early Neolithic house orientations finally solved

jellyfish Aurelia aurita

Gelatinous zooplankton makes an important contribution to marine carbon transport


International research team lead by Kiel University developed more stable spin states


Three persons in front of a building

Research team from Kiel University’s microbiology discovers hitherto unknown regulation of sugar degradation in primordial bacteria


Volkswagen Foundation provides €1.5 million to support an international research project at the interface between cellular biology, evolution and…


Kiel physicists determine the barely-measurable property entropy for the first time in complex plasmas


Professor Nian X. Sun from the Northeastern University in Boston won the Humboldt Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This…

Globale Karte der Sauerstoffverteilung in 300-500 Metern Tiefe.

Oxygen content in seawater continues to decline

The deep structure of the continent Antarctica.

European Space Agency publishes a 3D model of the Antarctic

Physicists from Kiel and Copenhagen elucidate the behaviour of electrons in graphene nanoribbons

Books are openly stacked on top of each other

The pain researcher Ralf Baron and the power electronics specialist Marco Liserre are once again among the most cited researchers in the world in…

A group of people outside of a building

German Research Foundation funds Collaborative Research Centre 1182 at Kiel University with 11 million euros

Historical oyster shells

American slipper limpet is innocent. Zoological Museum Kiel reconstructs chronological sequence of decline

Aerial view

Marine researchers at Kiel University decipher adaptation mechanisms of biological communities to an active volcano in Taiwan

A man observes bacterial cultures in a container

Kiel research team investigates how the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa becomes resistant to antibiotics

A man presenting his award certificate

Collaborative Research Centre 1182 honours physician and microbiologist Martin Blaser

nerve cell

Press release of the Excellencecluster "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation"

Conference-logo »Screening The Sea«

The conference of the Department of Media Studies at Kiel University focused on the social and cultural role of ocean films

circuit board

Kiel research project HEART takes stock and transitions to practice phase

A man observes bacteria in a glass container

Evolutionary mechanisms can be used for sustainable antibiotic therapy

A closeup of pipettes and a well-plate

CRC 1182 analyses how microorganisms affect elementary functions of their host organism


Smart Transformer goes into field trials

Scientist at the microscope

BMBF funds CAU and the Fraunhofer Institutes in Itzehoe and Freiburg with €2.3 million for a joint research project on microelectronics and…


Very good results in almost all areas

Three persons in a laboratory

Kiel research team tests novel immunotherapy against certain blood cancer cells in preclinical model trials

Group picture

International research consortium COSMICS discusses at Kiel University

artificial molecule

A designer molecule to combat type 2 diabetes

A multi-coloured animation of sponge tissue

Investigation of viral communities of sponges allows new insights into the mechanisms of symbiosis

Group of people on podium

Lively discussion about the Excellence Strategy

Two scientists in a laboratory

Kiel research team develops energy-efficient sensors for extremely low frequencies.

Group photo showing the CRC 1182 members

Comparative microbiome study enables new insights into the course of evolution


The German Research Foundation (DFG) funds three research projects in the field of plasma physics at Kiel University.

Several differently sized cnidarians

Kiel research team describes the interplay of environmental factors and internal regulation in determining the growth of an organism

Aerial view of excavation

International study: globalisation is much older than we originally thought

Microscopic image of threadworms

Research published in Cell on 29th August by the groups of Filipe Cabreiro from the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences and Imperial College and…

cauliflower on a blossom

Kiel research team deciphers adhesive mechanisms in pollination

A black and white electron microscope image

Kiel biochemistry research team proves the existence of a previously unknown alternative cholesterol transport mechanism inside cells

Unterwasseraufnahme einer Seegraswiese

Kiel University develops a new method for largescale mapping of seagrass in the Baltic Sea

severely damaged ash tree

Kiel-based ecologists receive 2.4 million euros from the federal and regional governments for research project on ash dieback

SEM-image of a microscope

A research team from materials science has developed a method of connecting plastics which enables completely new applications. For example in heart…


Chemists at Kiel University built the first artificial molecular machines that perform synthesis

Barberton Mountains

Plate tectonics much older than previously thought

Forschung auf dem Meer.

Kiel University honoured as a European University with a focus on marine sciences - 5 million Euros awarded for international cooperation

Two men in an office

A botanical research team from Kiel describes the effect of certain proteins on the time of plant flowering


Worry, fear, panic, loss of control, phobia, uncertainty: anxiety has many faces, and it varies from culture to culture.

Two men in front of a screen

CRC 1182 research team proposes stochastic model to explain microbiome composition


Kiel nanosciences honours international visionary in nanotechnology and talented early career researchers

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