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An E. coli-cell under the microscope

Dynamic proteins can deform the cell membrane of bacterial cells and thus initiate cell division

Frau hält Hände über Bauch

Placebo-controlled phase II study confirmed efficacy of olamkicept in patients with ulcerative colitis.

C. elegans under the mikroscope

Research team at Kiel University investigates the diversity of immune functions of closely related C-type lectin-like domain genes

Hole in the ground with skeletons, in which a man is working with tools.

Research team uses ancient DNA to gain insight into the development and history of epidemics in historical Lübeck


Award for Kiel Archaeologist

graphical picture

International research team identified pathophysiological mechanisms of hemorrhoidal disease by studying the DNA of nearly one million people.

Screenshot Video meeting

EU supports the joint degree program of four universities with more than 3 million euros within its Erasmus Mundus program

Two scientists with a microscope

New insights into bacterial cell division mechanisms using the model organism Bacillus subtilis as an example

A baboon carrying a cub on its back

Ecological and evolutionary origins of phage communities as part of the human microbiome


Conclusion of the large-scale EU research project "DECOR": Institute of Classics invites visitors to international lectures starting April 19

Aerial view of Eckernförde harbour

New project led by Kiel University develops practical solutions for the Baltic Sea region by 2030

Vaccination syringe

For the first time, members of the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" have been able to demonstrate a safe and…


Scientists from Kiel University want to transfer design strategies of insect wings to technical applications

Two portraits

Interdisciplinary research team in RTG “Materials for Brain” produces extremely conductive hydrogel for medical applications

Mikroscope image of a snail teeth

Research team from Kiel University and the University of Hamburg publishes the first biomechanical study on the performance of snail teeth

Scientific illustration

900,000 Euros in EU funds for international consortium including Kiel University for research on host-microbe symbioses


Collaborative Research Center 1266 publishes study on the social significance of stone monuments in Nagaland, Northeast India

Frau hält Hände über Bauch

Members of the Cluster of Excellence PMI have demonstrated for the first time that a novel approach to treatment also works in patients with…

Femur bone in close-up

A new study examines the phenomenon of Rare Diseases in ancient societies

Two men in front of a screen

New explanation for the origin of the symbiotic coexistence of complex organisms and their microbial co-inhabitants

Vessel in the ice.

Joint Press Release of the IOW (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research) and Kiel University (Kiel Marine Science/KMS)

Historical oyster shells

An interdisciplinary research team decodes the historical genetic diversity of the European oyster with the aid of museum collections.

Eine Hand mit Gelenkschiene

Research team from Kiel University develops joint splints for sports and medicine inspired by dragonfly wings

Computer animation of a discussion

New digital discussion format of the CRC 1182 "Origin and Function of Metaorganisms"

Three persons in a laboratory

Correlations between certain signaling molecules and nervous system involvement in childhood blood cancer

Kiel University Campus

Digital Study Information Days in March

women working at a sequencer

The DFG is providing further funding for the Competence Centre for Genomic Analysis Kiel (CCGA Kiel) at Kiel University until 2023.

Exposure of skeletons

Collaborative Research Centre at CAU Kiel publishes study on genetic diversity and the immune status of humans around 3200 BC in Central Europe

Portraitbild Thomas Bosch

International research team including Kiel University’s Professor Thomas Bosch fears that microbiome-associated environmental diseases could increase…


Research team led by CAU Senior Professor Meyer discovers central mechanism which influences the start of the pathogenesis of cancer

Dragonfly larvae

Research team at Kiel University decrypts the prey capturing device of the aquatic hunters

red yeast

Red yeast from deep-sea sediment shows anticancer and antibacterial properties

Two Sequencers

Correlations between gene variants and the composition of bacterial colonization in the human body

Nahid Talebi

Eight European partners involving Kiel University and Professor Nahid Talebi started consortium on Electron Beams Enhancing Analytical Microscopy…

Rahmenplan der Technischen Fakultät mit Highlight auf ZEVS und Hörsaalneubau

Start of construction on ZEVS and lecture hall building marks start of Gaarden Campus redevelopment

Scientists from Aachen, Kiel and Reykjavik publish results on Skyrmions in the journal Nature Physics

A man in laboratory

Central adaptation mechanisms of seed plants to marine life

German Research Foundation DFG approves a total of around 25 million euros for two research collaborations at the interfaces of technology, biology…


A research team with the contribution of the Cluster of Excellence PMI has identified cell types in the blood that indicate severe disease progression…

Four ephyrae in different developmental stages

Research team at Kiel University uses Aurelia aurita as an example to demonstrate the relationship between microbial colonization and reproduction in…


Popular concert series takes off into the winter semester

Johannes Müller during an interview

Material Minds: European Union innovativ research on perception

A scientist with an instrument

Materials scientists synthesize nanoscale gradient copolymers with contradictory properties for the first time

portrait photo

This year, the European umbrella association for gastroenterology awarded its prestigious research prize to Professor Stefan Schreiberr.

Group picture

Vice Presidents elected

Four telescopes beyond a sky of stars

An international research team with CAU participation observes hot dust rings around stars in a new wavelength range.

Lake Ohrid on the border between Albania and Northern Macedonia

Geophysicists from Kiel University involved in international study on Lake Ohrid

Professor Dr med. Simone Fulda is the new President of Kiel University (CAU). Today, 1 October, she officially commenced her duties.

Poster for the foto contest

Take part in the SEA-EU photo contest at Kiel University. Open to all students.


In the current issue of the prestigious journal "Science Advances", Chinese and German scientists report for the first time on time-resolved…


How do epedemics come to a stop? Scientists of Kiel University consider genetic mutation of the pathogens as a possible cause.

A scientist in a laboratory

New insights into the regulation of the innate immune response

Grafik Night und Uniball

Night of the Profs and University Ball cancelled

Simone Fulda

Simone Fulda officially takes office on 1 October. The event will be streamed live on the internet.

Scientific image

Scientists from Kiel find a new mechanism for the stabilization of skyrmions.

Two scientists in an office

New insights into the role of the eisosomes as membrane building blocks in fungi

Island in the Venetian lagoon

Researchers at Kiel University are developing future urban scenarios with a resolution of 100 meters for ten Mediterranean countries

Group picture of three scientists

CAU research team develops new NMR methods for investigating paramagnetic complexes and supramolecular cages.


Kiel nanoscientists honor the chemist Michael Grätzel with the Diels-Planck-Lecture-Award.

Night vision of the scientific drillship

Based on extensive data analysis, an international team with the participation of Kiel University publishes global reference curve in the journal…

Graphic image

Nonlinear reactions of warm dense matter described for the first time

A scientist at the microscope

A nematode model system as the basis for comprehensive microbiome research

Magnificated picture of miniature chips

EU initiative with Kiel participation wants to track human cells over the course of life, detect changes and thus specifically intercept diseases.

ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award

Collaboration project receives ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award 2020

Animals and a person in the nature.

Learning from the past: new publication by Kiel University’s Cluster of Excellence ROOTS

diabetic equipment

A research team involving the Cluster of Excellence PMI has shown that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can also damage the pancreas

group picture

Renowned infectologist launches new "Infection Oncology" research group in Kiel

Portrait Scientist

New toolbox for the nanooptics allows the theoretical description to the highest accurate level possible.

Under water

New study contradicts assumptions of constant element conditions in the oceans

Hydras under the mikroscope

Researchers investigate how environmental factors and microorganisms influence individual development

Meike Stumpp

DFG funds an Emmy Noether junior research group led by Kiel marine researcher Meike Stumpp

Image of moving atoms

International research team led by Kiel University has now found out why and how platinum degrades.

Portraits of three scientists

Interdisciplinary research team at Kiel University develops a microchannel matrix for tailored drug release.

Figure with two graphs.

Kiel-based research team helps to redetermine the radiocarbon calibration curve

Universitätsbibliothek in der »Blauen Stunde«

Extended opening hours and online reservation for workstations from August 17

Common millet

New study: Common millet got onto the menu

A woman in a laboratory

How the application of antibiotics affects the mechanisms of plasmid-mediated inheritance of resistance genes

Aquifer storage in Wilhelmsburg (graphic)

Ground-breaking energy transition project IW3 secures federal funding | Kiel University takes charge of accompanying scientific research

A scientist in a laboratory

International research team describes the involvement of archaea in the interaction of the body with its symbiotic microorganisms

A man at a lakeshore

A research team at Kiel University explores basic principles in the formation of the microbiome

Six people at the sea

Organisms quickly settle on surfaces under water. This protective coating could also be used in aquacultures.

A microskopic image of bakterial cells

Research team in Kiel has identified the involvement of so-called flotillin proteins in the fluidization of bacterial cell membranes

Microscopic image of Hydra

Research team at Kiel University discovers that an ancient nervous system and symbiotic microorganisms communicate with each other

Kiel physics team observed extremely fast electronic changes in real time in a special material class

Simone Fulda

Physician is keen to take up her position in Kiel as soon as possible.

Siegel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Presentation of the candidates in the livestream.

Portrait of  a man

Kiel research team describes differences in the bacterial colonization of the skin in house and laboratory mice

Priority research area KiNSIS establishes interdisciplinary funding programme for early career researchers

Siegel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

The elections of the representatives in the Faculty Conventions and in CAU's Extended Senate is running until Wednesday, June 17.

Blaser und Dominguez-Bello in a laboratory

'Microbiota Vault' project to safeguard global microbial diversity


Research team from Kiel finds gene variants for severe course of Covid-19: The blood group might have an influence on the severity of Covid-19…


Since June 1, an interim University Board has been managing business at Kiel University.

Coral reefs

New DFG Priority Programme: The interdisciplinary program is coordinated by MARUM and Kiel University

Lutz Kipp at his desk

Setting the course for the future: The six-year term of Kiel University’s President Professor Lutz Kipp ends on May 31.

Illustration einer Flagge mit Aufschrift "WIR ZEIGEN #FLAGGEFÜRVIELFALT!"

CAU flies the flag for diversity

Two differently sized plants

Plant researchers from Kiel analyse the influence of genetic information on the onset of plant flowering using the example of thale cress


Transdisciplinary research project investigates effects of shipping

Researchers in white coats stand at sequencers in a laboratory

International research team involving the Cluster of Excellence PMI explores the genetics of primary immunodeficiencies (PID) on an unprecedented…

A group of scientists in a lab

Kieler research Team investigates how cyanobacteria can be transformed into hydrogen factories

Fluorescent microscopy picture showing fungal hyphae

How certain harmful fungi suppress the immune system of their host plants, making them susceptible to new infections

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