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Two portraits

Researchers hope that the newly described species will provide a better understanding of the evolution of the genus Bacteroides

Group photo

Professor Andrew Read is the keynote speaker at the annual conference "Evolution by the Sea"

Alexandra Zoe Worden

Alexandra Zoe Worden has been elected for her scientific achievements in the field of ecology and biology of ocean ecosystems

Microscopic image

Physicists from Kiel make molecular vibrations more detectable

Group photo

Experts from evolutionary research discuss adaptations to rapid environmental changes at Kiel University



The results of the international study involving the Cluster of Excellence PMI also point to a previously unknown process in the development of this…

Lysosomes without LYSET

Professor Sabrina Jabs from the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" (PMI) investigated the function of a new disease…

Two men presenting a certificate

Collaborative Research Centre 1182  honours renowned microbiologist from San Diego


[Translate to English:] Gruppenbild, die 4 Personen halten den Förderbescheid

Prien and Madsen: “A great boost for teaching, research and technology transfer”

Group photo with three people in front of a bronze statue.

Professor Johannes Müller from Kiel University on official visit to Kiev


Physics team from Vienna and Kiel analyses highly complex processes for the first time

Portrait of a woman and a man

Newly discovered mitochondrial protein interferes with gene regulation


A good response to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination is based on naive immune cells, whereas pre-existing memory cells are rather disadvantageous, as shown…


14,4 Million Euro granted to European Alliance. Corporation boosts internationalisation efforts of Kiel University.

Close-up of a house mouse

Evidence that points to genetics influencing the composition of an organism's microbial colonization


A diver shines his light on a piece of wood

Researchers from Kiel University spent eight months examining the puzzling construction. The result: what they had found was a nearly 400 year old…

A group of people in front of Kiel city hall

After a break of two years due to the coronavirus, Kiel University has once again invited students from abroad to participate in its four-week summer…

Portrait photo of the award winner

Kiel University confers EmpowerMINT awards for theses

Gecko-Eidechse sitting on a vertical branch.

Scientists already understood the mechanics of gecko adhesion. Now they have a clearer picture of the molecular structures that give the animal its…

A woman holds a certificate

Angelika Messner, Professor of Chinese Studies and Head of the China Centre at the CAU receives this prestigious distinction for her extraordinarily…

Group picture

International qualification programme funded by the European Union meets in Kiel


Microscopic image of Nematostella

Researchers from Kiel and Düsseldorf investigate the contribution of the microbiome to thermal adaptation of living organisms.


Handing over a medal

CAU’s Priority Research Area KiNSIS awards Diels Planck Medal and doctoral prizes 2022


Florian Tran

In the funded project, Dr. Florian Tran, clinician scientist at the Cluster of Excellence PMI, plans to use a new technology to detect individual…

Microscopic image

Foraminifera in oxygen minimum zones may cooperate with bacterial symbionts in nitrate respiration


A research team at the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University has developed a method that reliably detects protein changes in blood that are typical…

Map of Central and Eastern Europe with different coloured areas

A research team at Kiel University has reconstructed in detail the spread of the grain from East Asia to Central Europe.

Five people in front of a ship lying on a quay edge

The SEA-EU European university alliance is setting standards for future transnational cooperation in research, teaching and knowledge transfer

Portrait von PD Dr. Konrad Aden

Dr. Konrad Aden, Senior Clinician Scientist at the Cluster of Excellence PMI and specialist in internal medicine in Kiel, has been awarded one of…

Scientist in the Lab

Research team investigated how plant cell wall components support adaptation to land-based life


Two people stand in front of a poster and speak

Scientific Advisory Board praises interdisciplinarity and gives hints for further development of the Cluster of Excellence

A yak in front of a hilly landscape.

Research team led by Kiel University identifies microbiological threshold.

Nature photo with people doing scientific work

International science team with participation of Kiel University have dug up all available geothermal heat flow data in and around Greenland

Scientists in a laboratory

New research identifies genetic causes for treatment resistance in BCP-ALL


Photo of a ground with two grooves.

A new publication documents Stone Age wheel tracks on a burial site near Flintbek.

Snapshot during the excavation.

Unusual burial practice discovered during an excavation in Slovakia

Group photo

Two million in state funding for the new "Datencampus" (Data Campus) research project at Kiel University


Pan-European University network is growing


A research team from the Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” has discovered a new population of immune cells that is…

A man giving a talk

Renowned microbial ecologist from Oregon will spend six months in the Collaborative Research Centre 1182.


Flagge oben blau, unten gelb im Wind.

Expressing solidarity with Ukraine and concern for cooperation partners, staff, students and their relatives

Natural image

A new study indicates that severe monsoon failure in the Indian subcontinent is more likely under the current global warming scenario

Aerial view

Project SpaCeParti relies on living labs to resolve conflicts of use

Microscopic image

Bacterial dynamin protein is involved in a previously unknown protective mechanism against bacteriophage infections



Researchers seek to enhance knowledge transfer and training from social and natural science perspectives in Cabo Verde

Aerial view of a green hill in front of an overgrown plain. Water can be seen on the horizon.

Horticulture and eternal rest of the mighty: geo-archaeological research project on the island of Babeldaob, Micronesia

Robot feet

International research team of biomechanics optimizes robotic movements inspired by insects

Close-up of a pinkish-purple earthworm on dark soil.

Soil analyses at Ukrainian archaeological site

Oval painted portrait of Jens Baggesen in a square golden frame.

Dansk-tysk litteraturhistorie: Digitalisering af arven efter Jens Baggesen

Water basin with fish, 2 people looking at a monitor

German Society for Marine Aquaculture strengthens Fraunhofer IMTE

Portrait of a woman

Kiel professor honoured as a foreign associate for her outstanding research

A scientist at her computer

Microbiome data elucidate the involvement of archaea in the microbial colonisation of the gut


The Kiel immunologist from the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" (PMI) has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant to…

Fishing vessel

Researchers reconstruct link between ocean warming and shift to smaller fish species using sediment samples from the Humboldt Current System

Photo collage: Customised storage solutions are developed at the Fraunhofer ISIT, from material right through to cell.

Collaboration between Kiel University and the Fraunhofer ISIT

Glacier in Antarctica

Geoscientist from Kiel involved in international drilling project in Antarctica

Vaccination syringe

Those who are being treated with TNF alpha blockers for a chronic inflammatory disease probably need a booster vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 earlier…

Herring at the aquarium

Historical sources indicate that overfishing of the Baltic herring began over 500 years ago and continues to have an impact today

Fire fighting in the intestine

Study by the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" clarifies the anti-inflammatory effect of the fatty acid butyrate that…

Cover of the "World Ocean Review": Waves and text

The new World Ocean Review: Communicating the latest marine knowledge understandably

Researchers from the University of Minnesota (UMN) and Kiel University (CAU) in Germany discover a path to a shape-shifting ceramic material


Collage der 5 Preisträger

Three medical scientists, a biologist, a biochemist and an engineering scientist from CAU are among the highly cited researchers in 2021 with their…

Bacterial cell division

Imaging and modelling to explain why single bacterial cells do not always grow exponentially


Eine Hand hält ein 3D-Modell

International research team led by scientist from Kiel develops a new method for the generation of controllable electrical explosions



Diels-Planck-Lecture and Doctoral Thesis Awards 2021 of the Priority Research Area KiNSIS


Man in front of MRI

A research team in Kiel has developed new contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging in order to be able to make biochemical processes visible.

Various zoo animals

Comparative study provides new insights into the loss of microbial diversity in the human body

Bowel tissue under microscope

A Kiel research team from the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" has found a novel mechanism which can disrupt DNA…

In the foreground are carved and overgrown rocks, behind them water in a fjord landscape.

Tim Kohler, Washington University in Pullman/USA and Charlotte Brysting Damm, Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, will open the series.

Siegel der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät

Fourth Walther Schücking Lecture by Professor Dr Eibe Riedel: Kiel University welcomes internationally recognised UN expert for human rights


Photo of a rectangular hole in the ground from above. Three people can be seen in the hole looking down at the ground.

International in both location and participation

Half-occupied lecture hall, people wearing masks.

Welcome event for new students of the winter semester 2021/2022


Two dried out wheat leaves

Changes in certain proteins involved in packaging of the genetic material have a causal effect on the frequency of mutations

Group picture with three men during an award ceremony

Geophysicist Dr. Christoph Böttner honoured with the BRIESE Award 2020 for his outstanding doctoral thesis.

Sea grasses in the Baltic sea

Somatic gene variations play a larger role in evolutionary adaptation mechanisms


Zoologists at Kiel University study special characteristics of insect joints


Dr Zheng Zhou und Dr Sebastian Steinig received the accolades for their outstanding dissertations

Links ein Feld, rechts ein grüner Traktor, der Strohballen geladen hat.

Professor Christian Henning: “Win-win situation for the whole of society is possible but requires smart innovative implementation through…

Group picture

First new replacement building on Kiel University’s Anger grounds

A scientist in a lab

Efficacy of available antibiotics could be maintained by sequentially administering closely related agents

Three young women with bouquets and certificates

The Cluster of Excellence PMI awards three of its most exceptional young female researchers in Kiel and Lübeck a total of €200,000 in funding via its…


Archaeological Climate Summit in Kiel

International cooperation between materials science and medicine develops gel patches from a 3D printer that can be activated individually

Underwater photograph of a rusted barrel.

Major project on digitalisation of the oceans among 16 consortia to win federal funding

Michael Bonitz

Plasma physicist from Kiel receives the John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research 2021 for his results in the field of Warm Dense …


European university alliance SEA-EU at Kiel University develops new online tools for teaching and learning

A scientist in the lab

Reduction in bacterial population size and resulting random effects influence the evolution of antibiotic resistance


In the framework of a newly approved DFG project, a Kiel archaeologist is investigating the influence of climate change on the evolution of modern…

A woman in a laboratory

Theoretical model on the origin of host-microbe symbioses based on microbial fitness

Untere Hälfte des Fotos unter Wasser zeigt Boden mit grünem Bewuchs, obere über Wasser mit grünen Pflanzen.

Joint press release of ifW, GEOMAR and iDiv

Vaccine dose is drawn onto a syringe

Vaccination with Moderna or Johnson&Johnson possible on campus

Dug-up plain, grassy field and cloudy sky in the background.

Kiel University’s collaborative research centre 1266 publishes a book about archaeology in the Žitava valley

Kiel University confers EmpowerMINT awards for theses

The interdisciplinary funding programme of the research area KiNSIS starts its second round

Siegel der Universität Kiel

The DFG and “Understanding Animal Research” advocate for transparent information and open communication about animal experiments in research

Collab game

Scientist in Kiel develops the COLLAB board game for interdisciplinary research

Ausschnitt aus einer Landkarte.

New study analyzes migration behavior in Mexico and the U.S.

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