Working at the CAU

Being employed at Kiel University (CAU) means working in an innovative and international environment. Whether you are involved in research, academic teaching or one of the numerous administrative units - Schleswig-Holstein’s state university has a wide range of exciting jobs on offer.

Around 3,300 employees, including more than 400 professors, work at the CAU on a daily basis. As one of the largest employers in Schleswig-Holstein, the university understands its special responsibility toward its employees, which is why structured staff development, appropriate continuing education opportunities, as well as a good work-life balance all play an important role in the CAU’s personnel development concept.

Kiel University has been certified as a family-friendly university since 2002. In recent years, it has steadily and successfully created family-friendly conditions for working and studying, which includes measures such as the expansion of childcare services, a family service, and establishing family officers in all faculties, Clusters of Excellence and the University’s Graduate Center to name just a few examples.

Welcome Service

We are delighted that you have chosen our university and would like to help you become part of our campus community. As the largest employer in Schleswig-Holstein, it is particularly important to us that you are happy here and get the best possible support.

Kiel University’s Welcome Service has put together a range of information on its website to help you get started in your new role at the CAU. The Welcome Service staff would also be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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Professorial appointments

Current vacancies for W1, W2 and W3 grade professorships, as well as helpful notes on formalities for acceptance, can be found at the information portal for professorial appointments.

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Programme for new appointees at the CAU

As a newly-appointed university professor, you play an important role in research and teaching at the CAU. After your appointment, as a new leader you will enjoy a wide variety of responsibilities in diverse areas, combined with a broad range of roles and functions. In order to successfully master the new work situation with its many challenges, it is important to define your own role as a manager and to establish a network of personal contacts, which is where the programme for new appointees at the CAU kicks in.

The programme traditionally starts with a 1.5-day workshop at the CAU Sailing Centre in Schilksee, where you will receive important input on the subject of leadership. The other main focus of the event is for new appointees to get to know each other. In addition to this main kick-off event, the overall programme for new appointees offers individual assistance, tailored to your needs.


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Sailing at the Kiel fjord.
© Sebastian Maas, Uni Kiel

At the traditional sailing leadership workshop, new appointees get in contact.

Vocational training at the CAU

Apprentices receive excellent training at the CAU in an exciting and varied work environment.

The institutes at Kiel University offer about 60 places for apprentices, with 11 different qualifications in diverse areas, making the CAU one of the largest vocational training companies in Schleswig-Holstein. With 11 apprenticeship placements for gardeners in the cultivation of ornamental plants, the Kiel Botanic Gardens is even the largest vocational training provider for this specialisation in Schleswig-Holstein.

More about vocational training at Kiel University (in German)

Professions which the CAU offers vocational training for

  • Bookbinder
  • Chemistry lab technician
  • Gardener for the cultivation of ornamental plants
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Specialist for media and information services (FaMI)
  • Industrial mechanic for precision instruments
  • Farmer
  • Animal keeper for research and clinical applications
  • Cutting machine operator
  • Precision machinist for mechanical engineering

Further education at the CAU

From courses to boost foreign language skills, to IT seminars, tutorials for scientists, career advice for students, right through to the promotion of intercultural exchanges with other universities within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme for university staff: the CAU offers its employees a wide range of training for their personal development.


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Barrier-free & healthy working

The CAU offers comprehensive occupational health and integration management. The goal is to prevent illnesses amongst employees, using methods including behavioural prevention (e.g. through sport, relaxation or seminars on stress management).

With the 2015 action plan for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the CAU is committed to creating an open, inclusive and accessible working environment for people with disabilities/chronic diseases.


More about barrier-free and healthy working at the CAU

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

HR Excellence in Research

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) is an initiative of the European Commission. It implements principles and conditions of good research set out in the "European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers" (Charter & Code).

The development of productive, dynamic research cultures at universities in Europe is to be promoted through good and fair working conditions for researchers. In this way, researchers at all career levels benefit from finding the best possible conditions for conducting excellent research.

Kiel University stands behind the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code for the Selection and Recruitment of Researchers and is committed to implementing them. In order to live the principles of the Charter even more strongly than before in everyday university life, CAU has developed its own Human Resources Strategy for Researchers and closely linked it to its personnel development concept.

In February 2017, Kiel University was awarded the Human Excellence in Research seal for its Human Resources Strategy. With this logo, the EU Commission honors universities that are committed to continuously improving the working conditions of researchers.

In the course of 2022, the standards in the recruitment and further development of researchers at CAU will be evaluated by external experts. After a positive audit process, the CAU aims to be allowed to carry the seal for another three years.

More information about HRS4R on the Personnel Development division’s web presence

Staff development

An excellent university needs highly trained and qualified staff in all areas, who are enthusiastic and who love their jobs.  Professional and personal development for all employees at the university is therefore an essential component of HR policy at the CAU.

The other important element is occupational health management. The CAU is aware of its responsibility toward its employees, and would like to ensure both a high quality of work as well as a high level of job satisfaction.


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Staff councils

Kiel University's staff council

The CAU’s staff council is the elected body to represent employees in administrative and technical services. It is responsible for all technical/administrative staff at Kiel University.


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Staff council (academic)

The academic staff council is the elected body responsible for all Kiel University’s employees in research, teaching or academic roles, and for all tutors and student/research assistants, but not for university lecturers. Employees with the W salary group or the expiring C group are not represented.


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