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Lutz Kipp

by Prof Dr Lutz Kipp, President of Kiel University

Diver under water

The climate data stored in corals helps us to understand current extreme weather phenomena, such as the ongoing drought in Australia.

Small blue bus on a road

According to the current legal situation, fully driverless cars are not permitted on the roads. Law professor Michael Stöber took a closer look at this and other legal peculiarities.

Woodcut showing 4 riders and some people

How do we as people deal with our finality? And what has that got to do with growth criticism? An interview with philosopher Professor Ludger Heidbrink.

How do ‘mean’ managers actually feel? Do they enjoy their subordinates’ discomfort or are they secretly suffering themselves? Conversely, are nice managers relaxed people or are they perhaps not quite so satisfied?

Parking delivery cars

Germany relies on deliveries. The consequences are congested roads and dissatisfied people. A research project is investigating how companies can better plan and manage their delivery trips, and thus ensure happy customers.

Centrifuge with samples

What are the triggers and the early signs of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)? Finding this out is the aim of the IBD family study. Diet, lifestyle and intestinal bacteria are particularly focused on.

Women at a protest march

Solidarity among women is diverse and disputed. Kiel-based political scientist Brigitte Bargetz has considered the subject in detail and sets out five central kinds of solidarity.

Two researchers in a laboratory

Why someone develops an aneurysm is still mostly unclear. Doctoral researchers from the fields of Materials Science and Medicine are working together on new treatments to prevent cerebral haemorrhages.

Blätter und Wurzel einer Esche

... it needs company. The FraDiv research project investigates how ash dieback affects the biodiversity of our forests, and which silvicultural measures protect the ash trees, as well as the biological diversity of ash-rich forests. As part of the project, 25,200 trees have now been planted.


Knowledge for everyone: quick, global, free. Facilitating precisely this is the goal of the Open Access Infopoint Schleswig-Holstein, which went online in the last few days.

Kiel University signs second agreement in world’s largest Open Access project.

Verschneite, sonnige Gebirgslandschaft

The legendary debate between Ernst Cassirer and Martin Heidegger at the international Davos University Conference in 1929 went down in philosophy history. Their philosophical debate is still current today, and 90 years later has become the topic of an own student conference.

Illustration of molecules

Faster computers that consume less electricity – spintronics would have many advantages over conventional microelectronics. Tiny, switchable molecules could make data storage even smaller, totally revolutionizing computers.

Aerial photo of an excavation site

A small special feature of our perception provides a plausible explanation for the orientation of Neolithic houses.

Street with cherry trees

Partnership agreement of the Institute of Educational Sciences with Kangnam University in South Korea

Four people playing computer games

Running, playing football, gymnastics: these activities, and many more, are sport. But does this also apply to computer games like League Of Legends or even Counter-Strike? Absolutely, according to those active in the University eSport Germany (UEG) group at Kiel University.

Three persons

For 20 years, Kiel University has offered the degree programme in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Business Management. The combination of technical and business know-how opens up bright career prospects.

Water bottles in a laboratory

Experiments are indispensable for teaching natural sciences. Johanna Krüger has also confirmed this in her doctoral thesis. She investigated different teaching methods with regard to motivation and learning effect.

Young people pottering around

School children make lamps light up and robots drive around in the nawi:wharft (nawi:werft) of the Kiel Science Factory (Kieler Forschungswerkstatt). They also learn that programming is not only for nerds.

Logic riddle with symbols

Is my child highly gifted? Answers to this question are provided by MIND (motivation and intelligence diagnostics), the advisory centre for highly gifted diagnostics, at the CAU. The accompanying advice is just as important as the testing.

Field with thousands of red tulips

A trip in the mountains of Kazakhstan aroused the interest of the ecologist and photographer Dr Andreas Mieth in tulips. He presents the homeland and history of the popular spring flowers in lectures.

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