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Dear readers,

This edition of unizeit does not focus on the current coronavirus crisis, SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19. At the time this edition was being planned and produced, nobody thought that this pathogen would stagger entire societies around the entire world. Many of us still view the exponential spread of the virus with disbelief. We see shocking images from all areas of the globe: the pandemic is very dangerous for us all. In spite of this, the editorial team has still decided to publish this current edition. For one, we want to show that we are continuing to work – as best we can under the challenging circumstances. And in addition, science is becoming even more significant as a social advisor in the coronavirus pandemic. Not a day goes past in which experts from hospitals, labs or institutes speak about the epidemic and its impacts, and thus give politicians and the public some orientation. The coronavirus has shown us that society relies on scientific findings in order to overcome crises and shape the future. This is our job and our duty – not just in terms of the current crisis situation, but also for topics such as climate change and digitalisation. On that note, I hope that this edition will help make the wait for better days shorter – stay@home and keep well!

Prof. Dr Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University

Four people playing computer games

Digital athletics

Running, playing football, gymnastics: these activities, and many more, are sport. But does this also apply to computer games like League Of Legends or even Counter-Strike? Absolutely, according to those active in the University eSport Germany (UEG) group at Kiel University.
Two researchers in a laboratory

Regulating blood flow in vessels

Why someone develops an aneurysm is still mostly unclear. Doctoral researchers from the fields of Materials Science and Medicine are working together on new treatments to prevent cerebral haemorrhages.

Small blue bus on a road

People are required for everything

According to the current legal situation, fully driverless cars are not permitted on the roads. Law professor Michael Stöber took a closer look at this and other legal peculiarities.


Mean management – miserable mood

How do ‘mean’ managers actually feel? Do they enjoy their subordinates’ discomfort or are they secretly suffering themselves? Conversely, are nice managers relaxed people or are they perhaps not quite so satisfied?

Aerial photo of an excavation site

Left-hand twist in house building

A small special feature of our perception provides a plausible explanation for the orientation of Neolithic houses.

Water bottles in a laboratory

The best strategy for teaching

Experiments are indispensable for teaching natural sciences. Johanna Krüger has also confirmed this in her doctoral thesis. She investigated different teaching methods with regard to motivation and learning effect.

Three persons

Best basis for management jobs

For 20 years, Kiel University has offered the degree programme in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Business Management. The combination of technical and business know-how opens up bright career prospects.