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by Prof Dr Simone Fulda, President of Kiel University

Zwei Männer ziehen Wagen durchs Watt

Using a combination of geophysical and archaeological methods, researchers at Kiel University are looking back to the 14th century and unearthing the history of formerly inhabited areas in the North Frisian Wadden Sea.

Euro coins in the sky

In addition to the already abundant problems, the European Union has also been forced to tackle the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for almost a year now. However, experts at Kiel University have their doubts about whether the EU is doing so in an appropriate manner.

Silhouetten stilisisierter Corona-Varianten

Viruses are masters of evolution. The new coronavirus is clearly very good at adapting to new hosts. Over the last few months it has also adapted specifically to humans as hosts.

Man with hair and mouth cover holds ampoule

Scientists succeeded in developing vaccines against the new coronavirus that are clearly effective and safe in record time. How does the vaccine work? Do the vaccines deliver what they promise? And were they really carefully tested in such a short time?

Claudia Bozzaro

With her appointment in October 2020, Claudia Bozzaro is the new Professor of Medical Ethics at Kiel University. In her interview with unizeit, she talks about challenges, answers to major health policy issues and the limits of medicine.

Flooding in southern Bangladesh

Climate change particularly affects developing countries, which are hardly able to cope with the negative consequences on their own. Support is available from climate funds. The big question is, how can the money be distributed fairly?

Figure showing vehicles

In a multi-faceted concept, Kiel University and its partners outline the idea and implementation of an integrated inner-city mobility chain of the future. And this goes far beyond just climate-friendly means of transport.

Futuristisch anmutender Serverraum

The retention of data is prohibited. This was decided by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) last October. However, the decision still provides some room for manoeuvre, as the highest judicial body of the EU allows for certain exceptions.


Molecules, the connections between chemical elements, are contained in all the visible and invisible objects that surround us. Yet it is little known that molecules can also be used to transfer data and are a possible alternative to radio technology.

Office situation

Tips for the perfect boss are on the menu at every career website and available on the shelves of every bookshop. But if the recipe for success and its ingredients are so clear, why are there still problems? Why do supervisors fail with their ideas?

Talking people at the table

Support for an academic career at the CAU is offered by the new via:mento_international mentoring programme, aimed especially at female postdoc scientists from abroad.

Kathrin Ludwig and Maria Woischwill

Tutors are important pillars of university teaching. Kiel University runs a comprehensive advanced training programme called BEAT – Be A Tutor.

screenshot of a video conference

Teaching has primarily been conducted online since the summer semester 2020. Lecturers have to adapt the methods they use to teach their classes and present their lectures to the new formats. The university is helping them do this.

Susanne Lilian Gössl

International legal perspectives

Robert Häsler

Systems medicine and complex diseases

Sonja Klimek

Poetry by women

Peer Kröger

From data to findings

Holger Sondermann

Physiology of bacteria

Nele Matz-Lück

Legal expert Professor Nele Matz-Lück has been the Vice President for international affairs, young researchers, equality and diversity since October 2020. In an interview with "unizeit", she gives insights into her new role.

Florian Henkies

Florian Henkies, 27, is one of 15 doctoral researchers in the new Research Training Group (RTG) TransEvo. unizeit spoke to him about the importance of evolutionary research in Kiel, the advantages of doctoral research in a research training group, and the special challenges in the coronavirus year.

Standbild eines Lehrvideos

Whether it's in German or physics, videos and other digital tools are not only adding variation to everyday teaching but also producing great successes in learning across many school subjects. The Centre for Teacher Training (ZfL) at Kiel University is investigating how this works.

Dr. Chao Li

Research in other countries, build up your international network: completely in the spirit of the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt, there are currently two researchers with a Humboldt Research Fellowship working simultaneously in the KiNSIS priority research area with Dr Gitanjali Kolhatkar and Dr Chao Li.


Is 5G causing serious illnesses across the country? There are strong fears about the latest mobile communications technology standard among various sections of society. However, one expert calls for calm.

Man running on treadmill

Should running shoes really be exchanged after 500 kilometres, as some manufacturers recommend? This question is being considered by students at the Institute of Sport Sciences who are investigating how shoe wear affects the biomechanics of running.

Old postcard of an industrialised city

Professor Hans-Rudolf Bork went on a search through 2,000 years of German environmental history. The result is a publication which for the first time and comprehensively describes the people and their impact on nature over the course of time.

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