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by Prof Dr Simone Fulda, President of Kiel University

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What is more important, keeping internal information of stock corporations confidential, or disclosing it to the broader public? If the company is (partly) owned by the public sector, finding an answer to this is not always easy, as PhD law student Davud Tayaranian explains in his doctoral thesis.

Photo of Annekatrin Mordhorst

Seminars, lectures, coaching and consulting for university staff, companies and others: all this and more is offered at Kiel University’s Continuing Professional Development Center. To mark the occasion of its 25th anniversary, director Annekatrin Mordhorst looks back at the early days and ahead to the future.

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School classes can learn just how healthy meat substitutes and alternatives to cow's milk are in tasty experiments at the new food:labor by the Kiel Science Factory.

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There hasn’t really been any alternative to digital teaching over the past pandemic year. But which direction will the journey take when students and teaching staff return to the new 3G world on campus?

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Preferably online. This motto is not always the best, even during a pandemic. The German as a foreign language department at the CAU relies on a mixture of digital and attendance elements – for good reasons and with great success.

Coast near Heidkate, Schleswig-Holstein

Data and data-driven services should be made available, merged, shared and used in a trustworthy manner. These are the aims of the digital infrastructure initiative GAIA-X, and are being implemented by the project MARISPACE-X for the particular requirements of data obtained from the sea.

Stefan Schröder (left) and Leonard Siebert

There is no digital substitute for international research visits. Two young scientists from the priority research area KiNSIS report why their time in Boston, USA was so important for their doctorates.

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A Kiel research team is taking an in-depth look at the past in the Romanian region of Sultana. 7,500-year-old settlement mounds are being examined by the international and interdisciplinary excavation workshop on the Lower Danube. And a number of exciting finds have come to light.

Historic view of Kappeln's Mühlenstraße around 1910

"Aryanisation" - The National Socialists (Nazis) used this term to cover up an act of theft that is unparalleled in recent history. How the state-prescribed absorption of Jewish wealth took place has been investigated for the first time for a German area state using the example of Schleswig-Holstein.

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What do sustainable coffee mugs and gender equality have in common? Both are areas for forward-looking start-up ideas that are being developed by the Enactus student group.

Protein recycling and immune function

Combating antibiotic resistance holistically

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Digitalisation in the healthcare system

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Phenomenon of human language

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Art and culture of the modern era

Scholarship Holder Adina Krauß

Committed, open, versatile – and always looking for the next opportunity. This is how Adina Krauß is as a person and a student. She thanks the Deutschlandstipendium for this.

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Post-doctoral researcher Tyler Carrier, 28, is currently conducting research as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. In this interview, American-born Tyler talks about his work, career, and the challenges of his research stay in Germany.

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Learn Polish, study in Croatia, research on Malta: the European University of the Seas, SEA-EU for short, wants to give students, researchers and workers more mobility in Europe. This ambitious initiative is proceeding apace thanks to digital offers – for instance, with language courses for university members.

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The amount of coronavirus found on the nasopharyngeal swab tells us very little about how much of the virus is actually emitted into the surrounding area. This is the conclusion of a pilot study that also examines the viral load of exhaled air.

A woman sitting in front of a doctor at his office

Where do problems with concentration and memory following recovery from a COVID infection come from? What are their characteristics and how do they progress? An in-depth study examines those affected in order to be able to answer these questions.

Kite surfers on the beach

Stories – whether factual or fictional – shape our perceptions of the sea. And they can affect the way we use the ocean. A lecture series at Kiel University and a book based on it show how complex the subject is.


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There were times when Scandinavian literature had clearly been too hyggelig and was somewhat left behind internationally. There are reasons why this began to change 200 years ago and works from the north still enjoy a high level of recognition today.

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