by Prof Dr Simone Fulda, President of Kiel University

Main portal of the United Nations with many flags

The truth is usually one of the first casualties in any war – and with it, international law. In the opinions of these three legal experts, this has been confirmed once again by the war in Ukraine.

Flooded road

Heavy rain and heatwaves: climate change with its extreme weather conditions is putting pressure on water and sewage systems as well as on the agricultural sector. In the German-Danish NEPTUN project researchers from the universities of Kiel, Aalborg and Southern Denmark are urgently developing the solutions needed for these challenges.

Three Scandinavian flags fluttering in the wind

Kiel University has a very special relationship with the Scandinavian countries. The historian Dr Caroline Elisabeth Weber considers the reason behind and history of this relationship.

Close-up of a mosquito on skin

New anti-malarial medicines are urgently needed. Groundbreaking and award-winning discoveries in active substance research from the Institute of Pharmacy at Kiel University.

Close-up of a German flag on a soldier's tunic

Afghanistan is currently the best known example of the pitfalls of western interventions in a domestic war. There is now a project dedicated to the question of what knowledge should form the basis of decisions on these types of interventions.

People in white robes having a meeting

Chronic inflammation in the intestine or the joints can often affect the whole body. The international clinical symposium of the Cluster of Excellence PMI brings the often underestimated systemic components to the fore.

People with safety helmets on a ship

Professor Julia Gottschalk can trace the condition of the ocean back several million years in the sediment of the seabed. The processes in today's ocean are the focus of a summer school she is helping to organise.

Underwater: a piece of concrete overgrown with plants

Students at the interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences aim to bring new life to built-up coastal waters through the Living Sea Walls project.

White beach at St. Peter Ording with blue sky

The beach at St. Peter Ording is to a large extent unique, but despite its huge dimensions its long-term future is at risk. As part of a major project, a small team of geoscientists from Kiel University have dedicated themselves to tackling this problem.

Woman in a large room with rows of seats and coloured windows

It is located in the middle of the campus and yet students are often not aware that it is there: the Evangelical Student Community (ESG) at Kiel University (CAU). After a six-month vacancy period Pastor Antje Hanselmann has now been working there since the spring.

Detlef Müller in front of a blackboard with maths formulas

The modern world involves more and more mathematics. And Detlef Müller's personal world has already been full of it for decades. This could have led the mathematician, who was recently appointed senior professor at Kiel University, in completely different directions.

Blackboard with a geometric drawing

What's new in mathematics? This question is not that easy to answer, given the ubiquity and rapid development of this science in countless areas.

Portrait of Uta Dickhöfer

Optimum feeding of ruminants

Portrait of Björn Konukiewitz

Tumour diagnosis and classification

Portrait of Denise Kulhanek

Microfossils and ocean history

Portrait of Veronika Lerche

Methods in psychology

Portrait of René Torkler

Teaching philosophy

Man in a white coat in a laboratory

Poor quality soil and extreme climatic conditions are reducing crop yields in many countries. Humboldt Fellow Sazzad Hossain is carrying out research at Kiel University to obtain a better understanding of the salt tolerance of crops.

Two seated and one lying person in a laboratory

Dissecting donated bodies is one of the fundamental teaching tools for medical and dentistry students. Following the use of an online version due to the pandemic the "dissection course" was again held hands-on during the summer semester. But newly developed live streaming formats continue to enhance the teaching.

The façade of the Cathedral of Orvieto in central Italy

"The Bible is far more diverse than we think": this interpretation is represented by the Protestant theologian Theodor Adam. He believes there is more than man and woman – and that this should also be reflected in blessings and church services.

Four wind turbines and a ship in stormy seas

If you can survive the weather in the Arctic Circle, the North and Baltic Sea climate won't bother you either. That was what the members of a materials science team thought when they went to test a robust paint for wind turbines. In Iceland.

Drill cores with labels

Prolonged drought and major water problems are increasingly turning the Iberian Peninsula into a climate hotspot. At the Collaborative Research Centre Scales of Transformation and the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, Dr Mara Weinelt is investigating how people encountered the climate stress of that time around 4,000 years ago.

Screenshot of a website

The internet portal ScienceSurfers is aimed at young people with an interest in natural sciences research. Here they can surf through science, get to know researchers and find like-minded people.

Collection of old letters and photos

Max Planck is considered one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century. A project team from physics and regional history wants to explore other sides to this honorary citizen of Kiel using personal documents.

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