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University President Lutz Kipp hopes you enjoy reading unizeit.

A British and an EU flag
unizeit | economics & social issues

Continental Europe looks with gloating joy across the Channel amidst increasing signs of economic problems. But Brexit doesn’t only affect the population of Great Britain.

Three persons on the ice.
natural sciences & mathematics | unizeit

The Kiel geographer Natascha Oppelt took part in a Polarstern expedition to the Arctic, to gather size, depth and optical data of melt ponds. The aim is to gather such data, which is important for climate modelling, by means of remote sensing in the future.

Branches lie on a standing train, two people stand next to it.
unizeit | transfer | natural sciences & mathematics

What are the concrete consequences of climate change for cities like Kiel? And how can damage be averted? A project of the Department of Geography Didactics at the University of Kiel is developing an educational module for climate adaptation in urban areas.

A woman and a machine.
unizeit | marine sciences | cultural change | natural sciences & mathematics

An international expedition has pulled drill cores from the seabed of the Gulf of Corinth. Two young female scientists from the CAU are participating in the evaluation. They are being offered insights into the climate and landscape history of the region.

A woman stands on a ladder.
unizeit | marine sciences | natural sciences & mathematics

Fish farming has a long tradition in the form of carp and trout ponds. And it has a future. An interdisciplinary working group in the Cluster of Excellence »The Future Ocean« is pursuing the optimisation of marine aquaculture in terms of sustainability.

man presents components for innovative speaker chips on silicon wafers
unizeit | research | nano sciences

The clean room at the Competence Center Nanosystem Technology not only provides high-tech facilities for nano research in Kiel. It also enables companies to test new materials - for example for micro-speakers.

Ilustration of quantums
unizeit | Cluster of Excellence PMI | natural sciences & mathematics

New magnetic resonance techniques make it possible to observe biochemical processes in the body from the outside. The Inflammation Research Excellence Cluster wants to use this innovative approach to study the metabolism of intestinal bacteria.

unizeit | Portraits | arts & humanities

Born in East Holstein, she held the chair at the Institute for European Ethnology at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel for almost 24 years. Now Professor Silke Göttsch-Elten is retiring. No reason to stop research.

Illustration: Three persons with arrow and bow and three animals.
research | cultural change | arts & humanities | natural sciences & mathematics | unizeit

Were the roles of men and women already determined back in the Stone Age? No doubt about it – at least for the archaeologists of the 19th century. And for a long time, this shaped our perspective of the way our ancestors lived.

Illustration power consumption at the CAU
unizeit | university

For the third year in a row, Kiel University has managed to keep electricity consumption at a low level and has been using pure green electricity since January 2018.

A man in a laboratory.
unizeit | natural sciences & mathematics

Every smallest molecule - no matter how tiny it is - split into all its constituent parts: nowadays this is possible, thanks to modern analysis methods. This technology is particularly useful for doping investigators in professional sports, in order to search for banned substances.

Portrait photo
staff news | unizeit | Portraits

Sensors for medical technology

Anja Bosy-Westphal
staff news | unizeit | Portraits

Energy balance and metabolism

Portrait photo
staff news | unizeit | Portraits

Energy metabolism in the brain

Antje Nuthmann
staff news | unizeit | Portraits

Eyes as windows to mind and brain

staff news | unizeit | Portraits

Kidney and fluid balance

A man in a gymnasium.
unizeit | university

For what feels like a small eternity, he has been the likeable face of Kiel's university sport. That has also to do with passion. Bernd Lange, Managing Director of the Sports Centre at Kiel University, is convinced that he has one of the most beautiful workplaces ever.

Old equipment and copper boilers
unizeit | Series: Museums & Collections

The Collection of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy at Kiel University spans the arc from historical exhibits to current research - from the pharmacy toolbox to modern microbiome research.

Two persons in a laboratory.
unizeit | study & teaching

People who study pharmacy often work in a pharmacy later on. And in up to 20 percent of the cases also in science and research. Kiel University offers a special course of study for this target group.

Book page in close-up.
unizeit | research | arts & humanities

Like Danish, North Frisian is a minority language in Schleswig-Holstein. It is spoken in eight different dialects by around 8,000 people in North Frisia. The regional language in all its variations is researched and documented at Kiel University.

Opened book with markings.
unizeit | study & teaching

The joint study project "Image and Language - Language and Image" of Art Education, German Studies and Art History at the University of Kiel in the winter semester promoted the dialogue between the disciplines and created new perspectives.

Werbemotiv drei Fische in Plastiktüten und ein Igel.
unizeit | economics & social issues

Humour is well received - even in advertising. Professor Stefan Hoffmann has investigated how sales can be increased through emotions and what cultural differences there are in this respect.

Woman in a bathing suit by the pool.
unizeit | study & teaching | arts & humanities

Bettina Frommann knows how to loosen up sports lessons in a playful way to increase motivation. The lecturer at the Institute of Sports Science publishes books and CDs with exercises and practical tips for students and teachers.