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Lutz Kipp

by Prof Dr Lutz Kipp, President of Kiel University

Black light shot of rare earth in test tubes

Even today, there is still a lot of old handicraft in chemistry: you mix some things together, and in the end, something emerges. But what happens in between can sometimes be more interesting than the actual result.

Martin Nickol at the Victoria house
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The Botanical Garden is not only the liveliest of Kiel University’s museums, with its 14,000 plant species and eight hectares of land, it is probably also the largest – and different every day.

seed storage

Visitors who stroll through the CAU's Botanical Garden can marvel at plants from distant climate zones. A diversity of species made possible by a global seed exchange.

Dietrich Ober
unizeit | Interview

The Botanical Garden is an attractive showcase for Kiel University and at the same time indispensable for science, says Professor Dietrich Ober. The director of the Botanical Institute and the Botanical Garden heads the Biochemical Ecology and Molecular Evolution working group.

waves in the sand
unizeit | marine sciences

Sandy coasts and the Wadden Sea are under threat by climate change and the rise in sea-levels, and this is a situation that cannot be stopped by dykes or sand filling. So it is important that the dynamics of sediment transportation be thoroughly researched and developments forecast.

Two researchers with a measuring device in the desert
unizeit | cultural change

The scientific exploration of lost ancient cities or tombs is not merely a matter of archaeology. Useful results can also be achieved by means of technical-scientific methods such as geophysical surveys.

Vladimir Ciobanu and Irina Plesco
nano sciences | unizeit

Irina Plesco and Vladimir Ciobanu are currently researching in Kiel on a scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The stay is part of their doctoral research at the Technical University of Moldova into ultra-lightweight, highly porous aero materials.

Kathrin Boersch
unizeit | life sciences

The aim of the "Statusplus® Blood Donation" smart phone app is to encourage people to regularly donate blood. The design prototype, which has recently won an award at the Healthcare Hackathon, is now being technically implemented.

murals of the Villa dei Misteri

Materials are measured using sophisticated methods in geophysics. Specialists in the field of restoration, however, rely on their eyes, ears and experience as well. When the two disciplines come together, the result can be remarkable.

two pupils in Africa

Lions and zebras on safari, banana beer from the village brewery, football with schoolchildren – the excursions to Tanzania at the Department of Geography are among the unforgettable experiences in teacher training.

Rena Kristin Deppe in Tansania.
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Der Kieler Verein Rafiki hat im Dorf Mwika am Fuß des Kilimandscharo eine Sekun­darschule aufgebaut. Lehramtsstudierende der Kieler Uni können dort ihr Pflicht­praktikum ableisten. Rena Kristin Deppe berichtet über ihre Praktikums­erfahrungen an der Kiumako Secondary School.


"Academic writing is a complex process,” according to Julia Müller. "Drafting, discarding, revising – they are all part of the process.” The writing consultant helps students complete their research projects.

Petra Bacher
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Unangemessene Immunreaktionen

Claudia Baldus
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Innovative Leukämietherapien

Anja Mensching
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Organisationskulturen und Lernpraktiken

Alexander Scheffold
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Schutzwall gegen Allergien

view into the stable and the milking parlour

The new Dairy Science degree programme is unique in Europe. This is why students from around the world come to Kiel University to complete their master's degree in Dairy Science.

Two persons playing cards

The first and so far only card game on Gender and Queer Studies has been published at Kiel University.

Minden Cathedral

What actions did medieval bishops take beyond their roles as clergymen? To what extent did they fail, and why were they even in mortal danger at times? Historians Frederieke Maria Schnack and Dr Nina Gallion are researching these questions.

four hands

For two years, the CAU has tackled how to eliminate inequalities and barriers. Because a respectful university culture benefits everyone.

Niels Luithardt
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Niels Luithardt cannot see the formulas that his lecturers write on the board. The mathematics and physics student is blind. Together with Lisa H., the two Inclusion Officers of the General Student Committee (AStA) campaign for better accessibility at the university.

Eddi Steinfeldt-Mehrtens
unizeit | Interview

Shaping diversity is a long-term goal at Kiel University. The CAU created a position for a diversity officer at the end of 2017 to achieve this goal.


Politics without pictures is not possible. Political science is joining this field in a project at Kiel University.

Till Requate with guests at the lab

Under what circumstances are people prepared to do things that are good for the environment or society? And what is behind the exclusive pursuit of profit alone? Numbers and theories alone often do not help shed light on these issues. But experiments can.

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What does climate change mean for me, is my home at risk of flooding and how will the cityscape change? A Kiel University project is working on answers and possible adaptation measures for the city of Flensburg.