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Detlef Müller in front of a blackboard with maths formulas

The modern world involves more and more mathematics. And Detlef Müller's personal world has already been full of it for decades. This could have led the mathematician, who was recently appointed senior professor at Kiel University, in completely different directions.

Portrait of Uta Dickhöfer

Optimum feeding of ruminants

Portrait of Björn Konukiewitz

Tumour diagnosis and classification

Portrait of Denise Kulhanek

Microfossils and ocean history

Portrait of Veronika Lerche

Methods in psychology

Portrait of René Torkler

Teaching philosophy

Jan Heyckendorf

Biomarkers for lung diseases

Sylvia Sander

Metals from the sea

Andreas Schwab

Multi-layered ancient texts

Sinan Şen

Orthodontics with modern technology