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Caecilie Weissert

Art and culture of the modern era

"My research focuses on art of the modern era (16th –19th century) from north of the Alps. I am particularly interested in questions of cultural transfer, such as the acceptance and appropriation of ancient, Italian or non-European art in Northern Europe, which had a lasting impact on the aesthetics, education and identity of a society. Changes in media, such as the invention of printed graphics or photography, have permanently changed art itself as well as how it is received and perceived. These points of fracture offer completely new means of expression and initially they were often severely criticised or even rejected, which makes them particularly enlightening for research. In addition to picture, text and object sources, methods of empirical and digital imaging technology like eye tracking and 3D reconstructions offer new opportunities for researching the question of how art was perceived and received in the past."

Portraitfoto Caecilie Weissert
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

Caecilie Weissert

Caecilie Weissert, 54 years old, born in Stuttgart. Since April 2021: Professor of Modern Art History at Kiel University. Previously adjunct professor at the University of Stuttgart. 1998: Doctoral degree, 2009: Habilitation (postdoctoral lecture qualification) at the University of Stuttgart.