unizeit Schriftzug


Dear readers,

We are now starting a very special winter semester. The universities in the country are braving a step back to normal, with good hygiene concepts and the necessary amount of caution, with lots of efforts and great anticipation. And it will also be the first time in my term of office when I am able to welcome the students in person on campus. I am looking forward to the new version of the old university everyday life.

In this issue, we look at the experiences of the past months, the advantages and disadvantages of online and hybrid forms of teaching. We talk about Big Data from the sea, present innovative ideas and projects by our early career researchers and students, and take a glance at new findings in COVID research.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles!

Prof. Dr Simone Fulda

Portraitbild Simone Fulda
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

Simone Fulda