lettering unizeit


Dear readers,

Experience has shown that at the beginning of a new year, the months ahead appear far off, much as they seem to have gone by in a flash at the end of each year. 2018 was another successful and exciting year at Kiel University. 2019 could be a ground-breaking one, above all because of the decision concerning the status of University of Excellence, which will be reached in July. We presented a strong, credible concept in our application “Kiel University Interfaces”. We firmly believe it will convince the international evaluators who will thoroughly investigate Kiel University in April. If we are successful, we can continue on Kiel University’s exceedingly successful path of lived interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science with great momentum. I firmly believe we will use this tailwind to find many answers to the pressing issues of our times. Excellence is all very well and good, but our university’s strength also lies in its diversity and permanent, dynamic development.

An example of this development is the 350-year anniversary of the Botanical Garden, which we are celebrating this year. You will learn more about that in this issue, in addition to lots of interesting information about death rituals in ancient Egypt and gender research in card game form.

I hope you enjoy reading the latest unizeit articles!

Lutz Kipp

Prof Dr Lutz Kipp
University President