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Eileen Eckmeier

Humans and te soil

»As a geographer specialising in soil geography and geoarchaeology, I research the relationships between humans and the environment as well as soil and landscape development on various spatial and temporal scales. An important aspect of this research is on changes in soil properties caused by climate change and land use. Current problems include deterioration of soil quality in areas used for farming as well as desertification of what was once fertile land. I am interested in demonstrating the extent to which this affected prehistoric societies. I am also studying the impact of environmental conditions on soils and how changes in soils are connected with the development, maintenance and even abandonment of settlement structures or inhabited areas. Spatially, my research is focused on the Eurasian loess landscapes and steppes, the Near East and the African savannah.«

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Eileen Eckmeier

Eileen Eckmeier, 45 years old, born in Neuss. Since April 2021: Professor of Geoarchaeology and Environmental Risks at Kiel University. Previously Professor of Physical Geography specialising in Soil Geography at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich). 2007: Doctoral degree at the University of Zurich.