unizeit Schriftzug

Exploring art through words

Participation for all is the declared aim of the Kunsthalle zu Kiel. With special online tours, even the blind and partially sighted can experience the joy of art.

Tactile copy of a painting
© Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Carolin Romanowski

Tactile copies of paintings enable blind and visually impaired people to better perceive the works discussed during guided tours of the Kunsthalle. During online lectures the artworks are made tangible through detailed descriptions.

Online presentations for the blind and partially sighted with detailed descriptions of the works are open to all interested parties. They are currently held one Sunday a month, starting at 11am. Next date: 11 April. The subject of the exhibition is "The Magic of Reality. The Painter Albert Aereboe".

All other online presentations by the Kunsthalle start on Mondays at 7pm.

Link to the video conference: www.kunsthalle-kiel.de/de/veranstaltungen/kalender