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Kathrin Kirsch

Music in a historical environment

"As a musicologist I am interested in what it is about music that fascinates people. As a historical musicologist I am convinced that the way we act with music, our (apparently) direct emotional response to it and 'understanding' of music, in whatever form that may be, is very strongly linked to its history: every piece of music 'functions' because it is connected in different ways to earlier music and is simultaneously part of its particular historical and social environment. How, against this backdrop, music and the understanding of music come about is a question that guides many of my research interests, including late-Enlightenment spiritual music, the history of music in northern Europe, music philology and the aesthetics of music in the 19th and 20th century."

Portraitbild Kathrin Kirsch
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

Kathrin Kirsch

Kathrin Kirsch, 45 years old, born in Kiel. Since April 2020: Professor of Musicology at Kiel University. Previously junior professor at Kiel University. 2007: Doctoral degree at Kiel University.