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Andreas Bahr

Sensors for medical technology

"I research novel applications of microelectronics for medical technology. For example, I have developed an electronic implant that can measure brain signals and can be used in epilepsy research in the future. Microsensors that record muscle signals would also be useful, for example for controlling prostheses. At the Faculty of Technology I am involved in the Collaborative Research Centre on magnetic field sensors. Up to now, the activity of the heart and brain has been measured primarily via ECG and EEG, i.e. via bioelectric signals. A measurement via the respective magnetic fields would be advantageous for certain analyses, but so far not practicable. My part in the project is to develop microelectronic circuits for sensors for biomagnetic signals. These lay the foundation for new analysis and treatment options."


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Professor Andreas Bahr

Andreas Bahr, 38 years old, born in Cologne. Since November 2017 Professor for Sensor System Electronics at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. Previously research assistant at the Institute of Nano and Medical Electronics at the Hamburg University of Technology. 2017 PhD at the TU Hamburg.