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Antje Nuthmann

Eyes as windows to mind and brain

"My research is all about saccades. These rapid jerky jumps of our eyes from one place to another are the most common movements we perform every day. As a basic researcher, I am interested on the one hand in what it depends on, when and where we move our eyes. We can measure this with high temporal resolution and spatial accuracy. On the other hand, we analyse eye movements to investigate further cognitive psychological questions: How do we perceive visual information in our environment? How do we search for it? How does this information guide our perception and our actions? How does gaze control work when reading? In laboratory experiments we work with static and dynamic images of real scenes (photographs, videos) or with texts. Modern mobile measuring devices also enable us to make the step from the laboratory into the 'real world'."


Antje Nuthmann
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Professor Antje Nuthmann

Antje Nuthmann, 45 years old. Since August 2017 Professor of General Psychology II (perception and cognition) at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. Previously Lecturer and Reader for Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, Great Britain. 2006 PhD at the University of Potsdam.