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Tina Spies

Social inequalities

»Developments during the coronavirus pandemic are often described as being accompanied by a reinforcement of well-known inequalities, such as the traditional division of roles between the sexes. Other trends include the tightening of border and immigration controls and the redefinition of home and homeland. My work focuses on these developments. I research and teach intersectional or interwoven inequalities (such as race, class or gender), racism and discrimination in post-migrant society. My main interest here is in questions of subjectification, so the relationships between social power structures and individual adaptation, submission and also rejection.«

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Tina Spies

Tina Spies, 41 years old, born in Worms. Since April 2021: Professor of Sociology, Gender and Diversity at Kiel University. Previously Professor of Social Science Foundations of Social Work at the Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt. 2009: Doctoral degree at the University of Kassel.