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Wolfgang von Gahlen-Hoops

Teaching and learning nursing care

"Further professionalising and improving research into the work of nursing care is particularly important to me. This also involves further developing teaching and learning in nursing care and health professions. It should be possible to learn how to provide good nursing care, which requires well-trained teachers for nursing schools. In the field of teacher training, we are researching the opportunities and challenges of inter-professional teaching/learning formats, for example. The objective here is to bring together different vocational groups in healthcare provision early on at the studying stage. Until now these types of formats, which are designed to promote inter-vocational thinking and action, are hardly used at schools run by the healthcare system. However, this is precisely where such forms of professional exchange on an equal footing are established between medicine, nursing care, assistance and therapy and can be pioneering in shaping the reality of nursing care provision in the future."

Portraitbild Wolfgang von Gahlen-Hoops
© Daniel Koch

Wolfgang von Gahlen-Hoops

Wolfgang von Gahlen-Hoops, 46 years old, born in Rotenburg/Wümme. Since March 2021: Professor of Didactics in Nursing Care and Health Professions at Kiel University. Previously professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg. 2012: Doctoral degree at the Universität Hamburg.