Gascoigne3D is a flexible tool for finite element analysis. 

Our focus is on performance due to:

  • adaptive mesh refinement using quadrilaterals (2D) and hexaedrons (3D)
  • multigrid solvers
  • parallelization
Our focus is on flexiblity with respect to:
  • mesh refinement
  • discretization (polynomial order, stabilization)
  • applications (equations, boundary conditions, models)
  • nonlinear solvers (Newton, trust-region, homotopy methods)
  • linear solver (Krylov-type, multigrid with different smoothers)
Typical applications: 
  • stationary and dynamic viscous flows
  • combustion problems
  • optimal control
  • parameter identification.

Software concept:

  • Use of C++ for flexibility
  • Modular structure: kernel package Gascoigne3D and several add-on libraries.