Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d Class Reference

#include <levelmesh3d.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LevelMesh3d (const HierarchicalMesh *hmp)
 ~LevelMesh3d ()
int ncells () const
int dimension () const
int vertex_of_cell (int i, int ii) const
const Vertex3dvertex3d (int i) const
const Hexhex (int i) const
void BasicInit (const IntSet &n, const IntSet &o)
void construct_lists (IntSet &newquads, IntSet &oldquads) const
void ConstructHangingStructureQuadratic (QuadraticHNStructure3 &hnq2, QuadraticHNStructure9 &hnq2face) const
void ConstructHangingStructureQuartic (QuarticHNStructure5 &hnq4, QuarticHNStructure25 &hnq4face) const
void InitBoundaryHandler (BoundaryIndexHandler &BI) const
bool ConstructCellIndOfPatch (IntVector &dstc) const
void ConstructIndOfPatch (nvector< IntVector > &dstv) const

Protected Types

typedef std::map< int, fixarray<
3, int > > 
typedef std::map< int, fixarray<
9, int > > 
typedef std::map< int, fixarray<
6, int > > 
typedef std::map< int, fixarray<
26, int > > 

Protected Member Functions

void check_leveljump () const
void fill_opis (IntSet &dst, IntSet &oldquads) const
void fill_enkel (IntSet &dst, const Hex &Q) const
void fill_childs (IntSet &dst, const Hex &Q) const
bool EnkelUniform (const Hex &Q) const
bool BuildFathers (std::set< int > &Vaeter) const
int hexindex (int i) const
void InitCells (int n)
void InitNodes (int n)
void InitEdges (int n)
int refine_level (int n) const
void ConstructNodesOnFaceQ4 (fixarray< 81, int > &nodesonface, int vater, int ni) const
void InsertHangingFacesQ4 (QuarticHNStructure25 &hnq4face, const fixarray< 81, int > &nodesonface) const
void InsertHangingEdgesQ4 (QuarticHNStructure5 &hnq4, const fixarray< 81, int > &nodesonface) const
void ConstructNodesOnFace (fixarray< 25, int > &nodesonface, int vater, int ni) const
void InsertHangingFaceQ4 (QuarticHNStructure25 &hnq4face, const fixarray< 81, int > &nodesonface, int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4, const fixarray< 25, int > &I) const
void InsertHangingEdgeQ4 (QuarticHNStructure5 &hnq4, const fixarray< 81, int > &nof, int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4, int i1, int i2, int i3, int i4, int i5) const

Protected Attributes

const HierarchicalMesh3dHMP

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<int,fixarray<3,int> > Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::QuadraticHNStructure3 [protected]

typedef std::map<int,fixarray<9,int> > Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::QuadraticHNStructure9 [protected]

typedef std::map<int,fixarray<26,int> > Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::QuarticHNStructure25 [protected]

typedef std::map<int,fixarray<6,int> > Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::QuarticHNStructure5 [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::LevelMesh3d ( const HierarchicalMesh hmp  ) 

Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::~LevelMesh3d (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::BasicInit ( const IntSet n,
const IntSet o 

bool Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::BuildFathers ( std::set< int > &  Vaeter  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::check_leveljump (  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::construct_lists ( IntSet newquads,
IntSet oldquads 
) const

bool Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ConstructCellIndOfPatch ( IntVector dstc  )  const

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ConstructHangingStructureQuadratic ( QuadraticHNStructure3 hnq2,
QuadraticHNStructure9 hnq2face 
) const

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ConstructHangingStructureQuartic ( QuarticHNStructure5 hnq4,
QuarticHNStructure25 hnq4face 
) const

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ConstructIndOfPatch ( nvector< IntVector > &  dstv  )  const

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ConstructNodesOnFace ( fixarray< 25, int > &  nodesonface,
int  vater,
int  ni 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ConstructNodesOnFaceQ4 ( fixarray< 81, int > &  nodesonface,
int  vater,
int  ni 
) const [protected]

int Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::dimension (  )  const [inline]

bool Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::EnkelUniform ( const Hex Q  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::fill_childs ( IntSet dst,
const Hex Q 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::fill_enkel ( IntSet dst,
const Hex Q 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::fill_opis ( IntSet dst,
IntSet oldquads 
) const [protected]

const Hex& Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::hex ( int  i  )  const [inline]

int Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::hexindex ( int  i  )  const [inline, protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InitBoundaryHandler ( BoundaryIndexHandler BI  )  const

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InitCells ( int  n  )  [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InitEdges ( int  n  )  [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InitNodes ( int  n  )  [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InsertHangingEdgeQ4 ( QuarticHNStructure5 hnq4,
const fixarray< 81, int > &  nof,
int  n1,
int  n2,
int  n3,
int  n4,
int  i1,
int  i2,
int  i3,
int  i4,
int  i5 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InsertHangingEdgesQ4 ( QuarticHNStructure5 hnq4,
const fixarray< 81, int > &  nodesonface 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InsertHangingFaceQ4 ( QuarticHNStructure25 hnq4face,
const fixarray< 81, int > &  nodesonface,
int  n1,
int  n2,
int  n3,
int  n4,
const fixarray< 25, int > &  I 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::InsertHangingFacesQ4 ( QuarticHNStructure25 hnq4face,
const fixarray< 81, int > &  nodesonface 
) const [protected]

int Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::ncells (  )  const [inline]

int Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::refine_level ( int  n  )  const [protected]

const Vertex3d& Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::vertex3d ( int  i  )  const [inline]

int Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::vertex_of_cell ( int  i,
int  ii 
) const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

const HierarchicalMesh3d* Gascoigne::LevelMesh3d::HMP [protected]

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