Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor Class Reference

#include <malteadaptor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MalteAdaptor (const ParamFile *pf, const DoubleVector &eta)
void coarse (IntVector &coarse) const
void refine (IntVector &ref) const
void refine (IntVector &ref, IntVector &coarse) const

Protected Member Functions

double Expectation (double theta, double x) const
double Expectation (double thetax, double thetay, double x, double y) const
double ExpectationCoarsening (double theta, double x) const
void refine_and_coarse (IntVector &ref, IntVector &coarse) const

Protected Attributes

const DoubleVectoreta
int ppp
int coarsening
int refining
int maxnodes
int N
double etasum
double gamma
double alpha
double beta
double yfactor

Detailed Description

Minimizes E*L by global search, where E = extrapolated error estimator L = extrapolated costs f(x) = [theta(1)+gamma*theta(x)] * [1+p*x] f(x) --> min p = additional cells for each refined cell x = fraction of cells to be refined gamma = 2^(-alpha) -1 alpha = local convergence rate (h) theta(x) = int_0^x eta(t)dt

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::MalteAdaptor ( const ParamFile pf,
const DoubleVector eta 

Member Function Documentation

void Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::coarse ( IntVector coarse  )  const

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::Expectation ( double  thetax,
double  thetay,
double  x,
double  y 
) const [protected]

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::Expectation ( double  theta,
double  x 
) const [protected]

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::ExpectationCoarsening ( double  theta,
double  x 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::refine ( IntVector ref,
IntVector coarse 
) const

void Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::refine ( IntVector ref  )  const

void Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::refine_and_coarse ( IntVector ref,
IntVector coarse 
) const [protected]

Member Data Documentation

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::alpha [protected]

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::beta [protected]

int Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::coarsening [protected]

const DoubleVector& Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::eta [protected]

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::etasum [protected]

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::gamma [protected]

int Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::maxnodes [protected]

int Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::N [protected]

int Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::ppp [protected]

int Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::refining [protected]

double Gascoigne::MalteAdaptor::yfactor [protected]

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