Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder Class Reference

#include <quadlawandorder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QuadLawAndOrder (std::vector< Quad > &q)
int cell_midpoint (int i) const
int global_index (const Quad &q, int i) const
void fill_corner_vertex_in_childs (const Quad &f) const
void fill_edge_vertex_in_childs (const Quad &f, int e, int i) const
void fill_middle_vertex_in_childs (const Quad &f, int i) const
int ChildEdge (int e) const
int ChildsOfEdge (int e, int i) const
int InnerEdgeOfChild (int c, int i) const
int OuterEdgeOfChild (int c, int i) const
int GlobalInnerEdge (int c, int i) const
std::pair< int, int > GetChildEdges (EdgeVector &edge, const EdgeVector &bigedge, int hanging, int bigquad, int i) const
int GlobalChildEdge (const EdgeVector &edge, int q, int j) const
void local_edge_index (EdgeVector &index, int edge) const
int local_edge_index (int, const EdgeVector &) const
int middle_vertex (const Quad &f) const
int edge_vertex (const Quad &f, int edge) const
void childs_of_edge (QuadVector &child, const Quad &f, int edge) const
void childs_of_global_edge (QuadVector &child, const Quad &f, const EdgeVector &globaledge) const
void globaledgechildren_of_father (std::vector< EdgeVector > &edges, const Quad &f) const
void global_edge_unsorted (fixarray< 2, int > &lineglob, const Quad &q, int edge) const
void globalvertices_of_edge (const Quad &, EdgeVector &, int) const

Protected Types

typedef std::map< int, int > LocVertexLocEdge
typedef std::vector< LocVertexLocEdgeLocVertexLocVertexLocEdge
typedef fixarray< 2, int > EdgeVector
typedef fixarray< 2, int > QuadVector

Protected Member Functions

int local_edge (const Quad &f, const EdgeVector &globaledge) const

Protected Attributes

LocVertexLocVertexLocEdge lvlvle
std::vector< Quad > & quads
fixarray< 4, EdgeVectorchilds_edge
fixarray< 4, EdgeVectorvice
fixarray< 4, int > child_point_cell
fixarray< 4, int > child_point_vertex
fixarray< 9, int > gc
fixarray< 9, int > gv
fixarray< 4, fixarray<
2, int > > 
fixarray< 4, fixarray<
2, int > > 

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef fixarray<2,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::EdgeVector [protected]

typedef std::map<int,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::LocVertexLocEdge [protected]

typedef std::vector<LocVertexLocEdge> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::LocVertexLocVertexLocEdge [protected]

typedef fixarray<2,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::QuadVector [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::QuadLawAndOrder ( std::vector< Quad > &  q  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::cell_midpoint ( int  i  )  const [inline]

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::ChildEdge ( int  e  )  const [inline]

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::childs_of_edge ( QuadVector child,
const Quad f,
int  edge 
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::childs_of_global_edge ( QuadVector child,
const Quad f,
const EdgeVector globaledge 
) const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::ChildsOfEdge ( int  e,
int  i 
) const [inline]

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::edge_vertex ( const Quad f,
int  edge 
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::fill_corner_vertex_in_childs ( const Quad f  )  const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::fill_edge_vertex_in_childs ( const Quad f,
int  e,
int  i 
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::fill_middle_vertex_in_childs ( const Quad f,
int  i 
) const

pair< int, int > Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::GetChildEdges ( EdgeVector edge,
const EdgeVector bigedge,
int  hanging,
int  bigquad,
int  i 
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::global_edge_unsorted ( fixarray< 2, int > &  lineglob,
const Quad q,
int  edge 
) const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::global_index ( const Quad q,
int  i 
) const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::GlobalChildEdge ( const EdgeVector edge,
int  q,
int  j 
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::globaledgechildren_of_father ( std::vector< EdgeVector > &  edges,
const Quad f 
) const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::GlobalInnerEdge ( int  c,
int  i 
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::globalvertices_of_edge ( const Quad ,
EdgeVector ,
) const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::InnerEdgeOfChild ( int  c,
int  i 
) const [inline]

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::local_edge ( const Quad f,
const EdgeVector globaledge 
) const [protected]

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::local_edge_index ( int  ,
const EdgeVector  
) const

void Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::local_edge_index ( EdgeVector index,
int  edge 
) const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::middle_vertex ( const Quad f  )  const

int Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::OuterEdgeOfChild ( int  c,
int  i 
) const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

fixarray<4,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::child_point_cell [protected]

fixarray<4,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::child_point_vertex [protected]

fixarray<4,EdgeVector> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::childs_edge [protected]

fixarray<9,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::gc [protected]

fixarray<9,int> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::gv [protected]

fixarray<4,fixarray<2,int> > Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::ieoc [protected]

LocVertexLocVertexLocEdge Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::lvlvle [protected]

fixarray<4,fixarray<2,int> > Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::oeoc [protected]

std::vector<Quad>& Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::quads [protected]

fixarray<4,EdgeVector> Gascoigne::QuadLawAndOrder::vice [protected]

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